Garbhadharan Sanskar

Garbhadharan is the first Sanskar done immediately after the marriage. The most primary biological urges in one's life is his/her sexual desire. As per the Vedic civilization we have to learn to live in this world with the objective of leaving it. We need to live in the material world to awaken our spirituality. We need to break the Cycle of Birth and Death. Why then we need to have a desire without bothering about Karma and continuing in sansar – the repeated cycle of birth and death? There is an answer in Hinduism. We do that by performing the Vivah Sanskar (marriage sacrament), and the home of the householder becomes his ashram – place of spiritual cultivation. The state of being married is thus called the Grhastha ashram. This kind of ashram is to grow spiritually instead to fulfil the sexual desires. The main duty of a married is to be responsible and committed towards each other and take care. Any physical relation is termed as love, commitment and to produce a spiritually inclined child. This would ultimately helps the parents, relatives and the whole society. The science of creating spiritual progeny of pure consciousness is known as Garbhadhan Sanskar.