Quran Surah 100 - Al-'Adiyat (The Assaulters)

Ayat 1 - I CALL TO witness the chargers, snorting, rushing to battle before the others,
Ayat 2 - Then those striking sparks of fire,
Ayat 3 - Then those charging in the morning
Ayat 4 - Raising clouds of dust,
Ayat 5 - Penetrating deep into the armies,
Ayat 6 - That man is ungrateful to his Lord
Ayat 7 - And is himself witness to it,
Ayat 8 - And is intractable in his love of worldly goods.
Ayat 9 - Does he not know when the contents of the graves are laid bare
Ayat 10 - And the secrets of the hearts exposed,
Ayat 11 - Surely their Lord will be aware of their (deeds).