सुन्दर-काण्ड > रावण के प्रभावशाली रूप को देखके हनुमान के मन में अनेक विचार उठना

Hanuma sees well-adorned Ravana, who is seated on a well-decorated throne of crystal. He is surrounded by four ministers viz., Durdhara, Prahasta, Mahaparshva and Nikumbha. Surprised to behold the splendor and glory of Ravana, Hanuma believes that he could even rule heaven along with Indra, but for his gross unrighteousness, which pulled him down.

ततः स कर्मणा तस्य विस्मितो भीम विक्रमः |
हनुमान् रोष ताम्र अक्षो रक्षो अधिपम् अवैक्षत || ५-४९-१
Then, Hanuma with a terrific prowess, was enraged (at his capture and his being dragged) and saw Ravana with his red hot eyes. He was surprised by that deed of Indrajit.
भ्राजमानम् महाअर्हेण कान्चनेन विराजता |
मुक्ता जाल आवृतेन अथ मुकुटेन महाद्युतिम् || ५-४९-२
Ravana was endowed with a great splendor and shone with a glittering and precious diadem of gold as also encircled with strings of pearls.
वज्र सम्योग सम्युक्तैः महाअर्ह मणि विग्रहैः |
हैमैः आभरणैः चित्रैः मनसा इव प्रकल्पितैः || ५-४९-३
That Ravana was adorned with bright-coloured gold ornaments, inlaid with diamonds and decorated with worthy gems, which appeared as though they were prepared with the mind.
महाअर्ह क्षौम सम्वीतम् रक्त चन्दन रूषितम् |
स्वनुलिप्तम् विचित्राभिः विविधभिः च भक्तिभिः || ५-४९-४
Ravana was attired in very costly silk and his body was smeared with red-sandal paste and well painted with various brightly coloured designs.
विपुलैः दर्शनीयैः च रक्ष अक्षैः भीम दर्शनैः |
दीप्त तीक्ष्ण महादम्ष्ट्रैः प्रलम्ब दशनच् चदैः || ५-४९-५
शिरोभिः दशभिः वीरम् भ्राजमानम् महाओजसम् |
नाना व्याल समाकीर्णैः शिखरैः इव मन्दरम् || ५-४९-६
Ravana looked strange with his ten heads, having terrible-looking yet good-looking pair of red eyes each, with brilliant sharp enormous teeth and protruding lips, like a daring demon endowed with extra ordinary vigour, shining brightly as Mount Mandara with its peaks and infested with snakes of different varieties.
नील अञ्जन चय प्रख्यम् हारेण उरसि राजता |
पूर्ण चन्द्र आभ वक्त्रेण सबलाकम् इव अम्बुदम् || ५-४९-७
Ravana was having a pearl necklace casting its splendor on his bosom. He was looking like a mass of blue antimony, but with his countenance shining like the full moon and appearing like a cloud illumined by the rising sun.
बाहुभिः बद्ध केयूरैः चन्दन उत्तम रूषितैः |
भ्राजमान अन्गदैः पीनैः पन्च शीर्षैः इव उरगैः || ५-४९-८
Ravana was distinguished by (twenty) arms, adorned with bracelets, smeared with excellent sandal-paste and decked with shining Angadas another variety of bracelets and looking like large five-hooded serpents.
महति स्फाटिके चित्रे रत्न सम्योग संस्कृते |
उत्तम आस्तरण आस्तीर्णे उपविष्टम् वर आसने || ५-४९-९
He was comfortably seated on a big excellent throne of crystal, rendered picturesque by being embedded with jewels and overspread with an exquisite covering.
अलम्कृताभिः अत्यर्थम् प्रमदाभिः समन्ततः |
वाल व्यजन हस्ताभिः आरात् समुपसेवितम् || ५-४९-१०
He was duly waited upon at close quarters on all sides by young ladies, well-adorned and with whisks in their hands.
दुर्धरेण प्रहस्तेन महापार्श्वेन रक्षसा |
मन्त्रिभिः मन्त्र तत्त्वज्ञैः निकुम्भेन च मन्त्रिणा || ५-४९-११
उप उपविष्टम् रक्षोभिः चतुर्भिः बल दर्पितैः |
कृत्स्नैः परिवृतम् लोकम् चतुर्भिः इव सागरैः || ५-४९-१२
He was proud of his might and had four counselors sitting nearby, all belonging to the demonical race and who knew the secret of good counsel, viz. Durdhara, Prahasta, Mahaparshva the demon and the counselor Nikumbha and looked like the entire terrestrial globe enclosed by four oceans.
मन्त्रिभिः मन्त्र तत्त्वज्ञैः अन्यैः च शुभ बुद्धिभिः |
अश्वास्यमानम् सचिवैः सुरैः इव सुर ईश्वरम् || ५-४९-१३
He was being reassured by counselors knowing the secret of good counsel and other demons with auspicious minds, as Indra the lord of celestials is reassured by celestials.
अपश्यत् राक्षस पतिम् हनूमान् अतितेजसम् |
विष्ठितम् मेरु शिखरे सतोयम् इव तोयदम् || ५-४९-१४
Hanuma saw Ravana with a great splendor, sitting on the throne, looking like a rainy cloud on the peak of Mount Meru.
स तैः सम्पीड्यमानो अपि रक्षोभिः भीम विक्रमैः |
विस्मयम् परमम् गत्वा रक्षो अधिपम् अवैक्षत || ५-४९-१५
Though tortured by the demons that Hanuma, of terrific prowess, experiencing a great surprise, looked attentively at Ravana.
भ्राजमानम् ततो दृष्ट्वा हनुमान् राक्षस ईश्वरम् |
मनसा चिन्तयामास तेजसा तस्य मोहितः || ५-४९-१६
Seeing the glittering Ravana, the king of demons, Hanuma was bewildered by his splendor and thought in his mind as follows:
अहो रूपम् अहो धैर्यम् अहो सत्त्वम् अहो द्युतिः |
अहो राक्षस राजस्य सर्व लक्षण युक्तता || ५-४९-१७
"What figure, what courage, what strength, what splendor and what amalgam of auspicious marks, alas, this king of demons has!"
यदि अधर्मो न बलवान् स्यात् अयम् राक्षस ईश्वरः |
स्यात् अयम् सुर लोकस्य सशक्रस्य अपि रक्षिता || ५-४९-१८
"Had this lord of demons perhaps not strong in unrighteousness, he would have been a protector of even the world of celestials together with Indra the lord of celestials."
अस्य क्रूरैर्नृशम् सैश्च कर्मभिर्लोककुत्सितैः |
सर्वे बिभ्यति खल्वस्माल्लोकाः सामरदानवाः || ५-४९-१९
अयम् ह्युत्सह्ते क्रुद्धः कर्तुमेकार्णवम् जगत् |
"By his cruel and violent acts despised by the world, all people including gods and demons indeed remain frightened of him. If enraged he is indeed capable to turn the entire world into a single ocean."
इति चिन्ताम् बहु विधाम् अकरोन् मतिमान् कपिः |
दृष्ट्वा राक्षस राजस्य प्रभावम् अमित ओजसः || ५-४९-२०
Seeing the power of Ravana the king of demons, who possessed an unlimited vigour, the intelligent Hanuma formulated many kinds of thoughts in this way.
इत्यार्षे श्रीमद्रामायणे आदिकाव्ये सुन्दरकाण्डे एकोनपञ्चाशः सर्गः