Book 1 >> HYMN 145 - Agni

तं पर्छता स जगामा स वेद स चिकित्वानीयते सा नवीयते |
तस्मिन सन्ति परशिषस्तस्मिन्निष्टयः स वाजस्य शवसः शुष्मिणस पतिः
English:- . Ask ye of him for he is come, he knoweth it; he, full of wisdom, is implored, is now implored.
With him are admonitions and with him commands: he is the Lord of Strength, the Lord of Power and Might.

तमित पर्छन्ति न सिमो वि पर्छति सवेनेव धीरो मनसा यदग्रभीत |
न मर्ष्यते परथमं नापरं वचो.अस्य करत्वसचते अप्रद्र्पितः
English:- They ask of him: not all learn by their questioning what he, the Sage, hath grasped, as 'twere, with his own mind.
Forgetting not the former nor the later word, he goeth on, not careless, in his mental power.

तमिद गछन्ति जुह्वस्तमर्वतीर्विश्वान्येकः शर्णवद वचांसि मे |
पुरुप्रैषस्ततुरिर्यज्ञसाधनो.अछिद्रोतिः शिशुरादत्त सं रभः
English:- To him these ladles go, to him these racing mares: he only will give ear to all the words I speak.
All-speeding, victor, perfecter of sacrifice, the Babe with flawless help hath mustered vigorous might.

उपस्थायं चरति यत समारत सद्यो जातस्तत्सार युज्येभिः |
अभि शवान्तं मर्शते नान्द्ये मुदे यदीं गछन्त्युशतीरपिष्ठितम
English:- Whate'er he meets he grasps and then runs farther on, and straightway, newly born, creeps forward with his kin.
He stirs the wearied man to pleasure and great joy what time the longing gifts approach him as he comes.

स ईं मर्गो अप्यो वनर्गुरुप तवच्युपमस्यां नि धायि |
वयब्रवीद वयुना मर्त्येभ्यो.अग्निर्विद्वान रतचिद धि सत्यः
English:- He is a wild thing of the flood and forest: he hath been laid upon the highest surface.
He hath declared the lore of works to mortals, Agni the Wise, for he knows Law, the Truthful.