Book 1 >> HYMN 155 - Visnu-Indra

पर वः पान्तमन्धसो धियायते महे शूराय विष्णवे चार्चत |
या सानुनि पर्वतानामदाभ्या महस्तस्थतुरर्वतेव साधुना
English:- . To the great Hero, him who sets his mind thereon, and Viṣṇu, praise aloud in song your draught of juice,-
Gods ne'er beguiled, who borne as 'twere by noble steed, have stood upon the lofty ridges of the hills.

तवेषमित्था समरणं शिमीवतोरिन्द्राविष्णू सुतपा वामुरुष्यति |
या मर्त्याय परतिधीयमानमित कर्शानोरस्तुरसनामुरुष्यथः
English:- Your Soma-drinker keeps afar your furious rush, Indra and Viṣṇu, when ye come with all your might.
That which hath been directed well at mortal man, bow-armed Kṛśānu's arrow, ye turn far aside.

ता ईं वर्धन्ति मह्यस्य पौंस्यं नि मातरा नयति रेतसे भुजे |
दधाति पुत्रो.अवरं परं पितुर्नाम तर्तीयमधि रोचने दिवः
English:- These offerings increase his mighty manly strength: he brings both Parents down to share the genial flow.
He lowers, though a son, the Father's highest name; the third is that which is high in the light of heaven.

तत-तदिदस्य पौंस्यं गर्णीमसीनस्य तरतुरव्र्कस्य मीळ्हुषः |
यः पार्थिवानि तरिभिरिद विगामभिरुरु करमिष्टोरुगायाय जीवसे
English:- We laud this manly power of him the Mighty One, preserver, inoffensive, bounteous and benign;
His who strode, widely pacing, with three steppings forth over the realms of earth for freedom and for life.

दवे इदस्य करमणे सवर्द्र्शो.अभिख्याय मर्त्यो भुरण्यति |
तर्तीयमस्य नकिरा दधर्षति वयश्चन पतयन्तः पतत्रिणः
English:- A mortal man, when he beholds two steps of him who looks upon the light, is restless with amaze.
But his third step doth no one venture to approach, no, nor the feathered birds of air who fly with wings.

चतुर्भिः साकं नवतिं च नामभिश्चक्रं न वर्त्तं वयतीन्रवीविपत |
बर्हच्छरीरो विमिमान रक्वभिर्युवाकुमारः परत्येत्याहवम
English:- He, like a rounded wheel, hath in swift motion set his ninety racing steeds together with the four.
Developed, vast in form, with those who sing forth praise, a youth, no more a child, he cometh to our call.