Book 1 >> HYMN 158 - Asvins

वसू रुद्रा पुरुमन्तू वर्धन्ता दशस्यतं नो वर्षणावभिष्टौ |
दस्रा ह यद रेक्ण औचथ्यो वां पर यत सस्राथेकवाभिरूती
English:- . YE Vasus Twain, ye Rudras full of counsel, grant us, Strong Strengtheners, when ye stand beside us,
What wealth Aucathya craves of you, great Helpers when ye come forward with no niggard succour.

को वां दाशत सुमतये चिदस्यै वसू यद धेथे नमसा पदे गोः |
जिग्र्तमस्मे रेवतीः पुरन्धीः कामप्रेणेव मनसा चरन्ता
English:- Who may give you aught, Vasus, for your favour, for what, at the Cow's place, ye grant through worship?
Wake for us understanding full of riches, come with a heart that will fulfil our longing.

युक्तो ह यद वां तौग्र्याय पेरुर्वि मध्ये अर्णसो धायि पज्रः |
उप वामवः शरणं गमेयं शूरो नाज्म पतयद्भिरेवैः
English:- As erst for Tugra's son your car, sea-crossing, strong, was equipped and set amid the waters,
So may I gain your shelter and protection as with winged course a hero seeks his army.

उपस्तुतिरौचथ्यमुरुष्येन मा मामिमे पतत्रिणी वि दुग्धाम |
मा मामेधो दशतयश्चितो धाक पर यद वां बद्धस्त्मनि खादति कषाम
English:- May this my praise preserve Ucathya's offspring: let not these Twain who fly with wings exhaust me.
Let not the wood ten times up-piled consume me, when fixed for you it bites the ground it stands on.

न मा गरन नद्यो मात्र्तमा दासा यदीं सुसमुब्धमवाधुः |
शिरो यदस्य तरैतनो वितक्षत सवयं दास उरो अंसावपि गध
English:- The most maternal streams, wherein the Dāsas cast me securely bound, have not devoured me.
When Traitana would cleave my head asunder, the Dāsa wounded his own breast and shoulders.

दीर्घतमा मामतेयो जुजुर्वान दशमे युगे |
अपामर्थं यतीनां बरह्मा भवति सारथिः
English:- Dīrghatamas the son of Mamatā hath come to length of days in the tenth age of human kind.
He is the Brahman of the waters as they strive to reach their end and aim: their charioteer is he.