Book 1 >> HYMN 178 - Indra

यद ध सया त इन्द्र शरुष्टिरस्ति यया बभूथ जरित्र्भ्य ऊती |
मा नः कामं महयन्तमा धग विश्वा ते अश्याम्पर्याप आयोः
English:- . IF, Indra, thou hast given that gracious hearing where with thou helpest those who sang thy praises.
Blast not the wish that would exalt us may I gain all from thee, and pay all man's devotions.

न घा राजेन्द्र आ दभन नो या नु सवसारा कर्णवन्त योनौ |
आपश्चिदस्मै सुतुका अवेषन गमन न इन्द्रः सख्या वयश्च
English:- Let not the Sovran Indra disappoint us in what shall bring both Sisters to our dwelling.
To him have run the quickly flowing waters. May Indra come to us with life and friendship.

जेता नर्भिरिन्द्रः पर्त्सु शूरः शरोता हवं नाधमानस्य कारोः |
परभर्ता रथं दाशुष उपक उद्यन्त गिरो यदि च तमना भूत
English:- Victorious with the men, Hero in battles, Indra, who hears the singer's supplication,
Will bring his car nigh to the man who offers, if he himself upholds the songs that praise him.

एवा नर्भिरिन्द्रः सुश्रवस्या परखादः पर्क्षो अभि मित्रिणो भूत |
समर्य इष सतवते विवाचि सत्राकरो यजमानस्यशंसः
English:- Yea, Indra, with the men, through love of glory consumes the sacred food which friends have offered.
The ever-strengthening song of him who worships is sung in fight amid the clash of voices.

तवया वयं मघवन्निन्द्र शत्रुनभि षयम महतो मन्यमनान |
तवं तराता तवमु नो वर्धे भुर्वि...
English:- Aided by thee, O Maghavan, O Indra, may we subdue our foes who count them mighty.
Be our protector, strengthen and increase us. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.