Book 1 >> HYMN 181 - Asvins

कदु परेष्टाविषां रयीणामध्वर्यन्ता यदुन्निनीथोपाम |
अयं वां यज्ञो अक्र्त परशस्तिं वसुधिती अवितारा जनानाम
English:- . WHAT, dearest Pair, is this in strength and riches that ye as Priests are bring from the waters?
This sacrifice is your glorification, ye who protect mankind and give them treasures.

आ वामश्वासः शुचयः पयस्पा वातरंहसो दिव्यासो अत्याः |
मनोजुवो वर्षणो वीतप्र्ष्ठा एह सवराजो अश्विनावहन्तु
English:- May your pure steeds, rain-drinkers, bring you hither, swift as the tempest, your celestial coursers,
Rapid as thought, with fair backs, full of vigour, resplendent in their native light, O Aśvins.

आ वां रथो.अवनिर्न परवत्वान सर्प्रवन्धुरः सुविताय गम्याः |
वर्ष्ण सथातारा मनसो जवीयानहम्पूर्वो यजतोधिष्ण्या यः
English:- Your car is like a torrent rushing downward: may it come nigh, broad-seated, for our welfare,-
Car holy, strong, that ever would be foremost, thought-swift, which ye, for whom we long, have mounted.

इहेह जाता समवावशीतामरेपसा तन्वा नामभिः सवैः |
जिष्णुर्वामन्यः सुमखस्य सूरिर्दिवो अन्यः सुभगः पुत्र ऊहे
English:- Here sprung to life, they both have sung together, with bodies free from stain, with signs that mark them;
One of you Prince of Sacrifice, the Victor, the other counts as Heaven's auspicious offspring.

पर वां निचेरुः ककुहो वशाननु पिशङगरूपः सदनानि गम्याः |
हरी अन्यस्य पीपयन्त वाजैर्मथ्रा रजांस्यश्विना वि घोषैः
English:- May your car-seat, down-gliding, golden-coloured, according to your wish approach our dwellings.
Men shall feed full the bay steeds of the other, and, Aśvins they with roars shall stir the regions.

पर वां शरद्वान वर्षभो न निष्षाट पूर्वीरिषश्चरति मध्व इष्णन |
एवैरन्यस्य पीपयन्त वाजैर्वेषन्तीरूर्ध्वा नद्यो न आगुः
English:- Forth comes your strong Bull like a cloud of autumn, sending abundant food of liquid sweetness.
Let them feed with the other's ways and vigour: the upper streams have come and do us service.

असर्जि वां सथविरा वेधसा गीर्बाळ्हे अश्विना तरेधा कषरन्ती |
उपस्तुताववतं नाधमानं यामन्नयामञ्छ्र्णुतं हवं मे
English:- Your constant song hath been sent forth, Disposers! that flows threefold in mighty strength, O Aśvins.
Thus lauded, give the suppliant protection moving or resting hear mine invocation.

उत सया वां रुशतो वप्ससो गीस्त्रिबर्हिषि सदसि पिन्वतेनॄन |
वर्षा वां मेघो वर्षणा पीपाय गोर्न सेके मनुषोदशस्यन
English:- This song of bright contents for you is swelling in the men's hall where three-fold grass is ready.
Your strong rain-cloud, ye Mighty Ones, hath swollen, honouring men as 'twere with milk's outpouring.

युवां पूषेवाश्विना पुरन्धिरग्निमुषां न जरते हविष्मान |
हुवे यद वां वरिवस्या गर्णानो वि...
English:- The prudent worshipper, like Pūṣan, Aśvins! praises you as he praises Dawn and Agni,
When, singing with devotion, he invokes you. May we find strengthening food in full abundance.