Book 1 >> HYMN 20 - Rbhus

अयं देवाय जन्मने सतोमो विप्रेभिरासया |
अकारि रत्नधातमः
English:- FOR the Celestial Race this song of praise which gives wealth lavishly
Was made by singers with their lips.

य इन्द्राय वचोयुजा ततक्षुर्मनसा हरी |
English:- They who for Indra, with their mind, formed horses harnessed by a word,
Attained by works to sacrifice.

तक्षन नासत्याभ्यां परिज्मानं सुखं रथम |
तक्षन धेनुं सबर्दुघाम
English:- They for the two Nāsatyas wrought a light car moving every way:
They formed a nectar-yielding cow.

युवाना पितरा पुनः सत्यमन्त्रा रजूयवः |
रभवो विष्ट्यक्रत
English:- The Ṛbhus with effectual prayers, honest, with constant labour, made
Their Sire and Mother young again.

सं वो मदासो अग्मतेन्द्रेण च मरुत्वता |
आदित्येभिश्च राजभिः
English:- Together came your gladdening drops with Indra by the Maruts girt,
With the Ādityas, with the Kings.

उत तयं चमसं नवं तवष्टुर्देवस्य निष्क्र्तम |
अकर्तचतुरः पुनः
English:- The sacrificial ladle, wrought newly by the God Tvaṣṭar's hand-
Four ladles have ye made thereof.

ते नो रत्नानि धत्तन तरिरा साप्तानि सुन्वते |
English:- Vouchsafe us wealth, to him who pours thrice seven libations, yea, to each
Give wealth, pleased with our eulogies.

अधारयन्त वह्नयो.अभजन्त सुक्र्त्यया |
भागं देवेषु यज्ञियम
English:- As ministering Priests they held, by pious acts they won themselves,
A share in sacrifice with Gods.