Book 1 >> HYMN 55 - Indra

दिवश्चिदस्य वरिमा वि पप्रथ इन्द्रं न मह्ना पर्थिवीचन परति |
भीमस्तुविष्माञ्चर्षणिभ्य आतपः शिशीते वज्रं तेजसे न वंसगः
English:- THOUGH e'en this heaven's wide space and earth have spread them out, nor heaven nor earth may be in greatness Indra's match.
Awful and very mighty, causing woe to men, he whets his thunderbolt for sharpness, as a bull.

सो अर्णवो न नद्यः समुद्रियः परति गर्भ्णाति विश्रिता वरीमभिः |
इन्द्रः सोमस्य पीतये वर्षायते सनात स युध्म ओजसा पनस्यते
English:- Like as the watery ocean, so doth he receive the rivers spread on all sides in their ample width.
He bears him like a bull to drink of Soma juice, and will, as Warrior from of old, be praised for might.

तवं तमिन्द्र पर्वतं न भोजसे महो नर्म्णस्य धर्मणामिरज्यसि |
पर वीर्येण देवताति चेकिते विश्वस्मा उग्रः कर्मणे पुरोहितः
English:- Thou swayest, Indra, all kinds of great manly power, so as to bend, as't were, even that famed mountain down.
Foremost among the Gods is he through hero might, set in the van, the Strong One, for each arduous deed.

स इद वने नमस्युभिर्वचस्यते चारु जनेषु परब्रुवाण इन्द्रियम |
वर्षा छन्दुर्भवति हर्यतो वर्षा कषेमेण धेनाम्मघवा यदिन्वति
English:- He only in the wood is praised by worshippers, when he shows forth to men his own fair Indra-power.
A friendly Bull is he, a Bull to be desired when Maghavan auspiciously sends forth his voice.

स इन महानि समिथानि मज्मना कर्णोति युध्म ओजसा जनेभ्यः |
अधा चन शरद दधति तविषीमत इन्द्राय वज्रं निघनिघ्नते वधम
English:- Yet verily the Warrior in his vigorous strength stirreth up with his might great battles for mankind;
And men have faith in Indra, the resplendent One, what time he hurleth down his bolt, his dart of death.

स हि शरवस्युः सदनानि कर्त्रिमा कष्मया वर्धान ओजसाविनाशयन |
जयोतींषि कर्ण्वन्नव्र्काणि यज्यवे.अव सुक्रतुः सर्तवा अपः सर्जत
English:- Though, fain for glory, and with strength increased on earth, he with great might destroys the dwellings made with art,
He makes the lights of heaven shine forth secure, he bids, exceeding wise, the floods flow for his worshipper.

दानाय मनः सोमपावन्नस्तु ते.अर्वाञ्चा हरी वन्दनश्रुदा कर्धि |
यमिष्ठासः सारथयो य इन्द्र ते न तवा केताा दभ्नुवन्ति भूर्णयः
English:- Drinker of Soma, let thy heart incline to give; bring thy Bays hitherward, O thou who hearest praise.
Those charioteers of thine, best skilled to draw the rein, the rapid sunbeams, Indra, lead thee not astray.

अप्रक्षितं वसु बिभर्षि हस्तयोरषाळ्हं सहस्तन्वि शरुतो दधे |
आव्र्तासो.अवतासो न कर्त्र्भिस्तनूषु ते करतवैन्द्र भूरयः
English:- Thou bearest in both hands treasure that never fails; the famed One in his body holds unvanquished might.
O Indra, in thy members many powers abide, like wells surrounded by the ministering priests.