Book 1 >> HYMN 57 - Indra

पर मंहिष्ठाय बर्हते बर्हद्रये सत्यशुष्माय तवसे मतिं भरे |
अपामिव परवणे यस्य दुर्धरं राधो विश्वायुशवसे अपाव्र्तम
English:- To him most liberal, lofty Lord of lofty wealth, verily powerful and strong, I bring my hymn,-
Whose checkless bounty, as of waters down a slope, is spread abroad for all that live, to give them strength.

अध ते विश्वमनु हासदिष्टय आपो निम्नेव सवना हविष्मतः |
यत पर्वते न समशीत हर्यत इन्द्रस्य वज्रः शनथिता हिरण्ययः
English:- Now all this world, for worship, shall come after thee-the offerer's libations like floods to the depth,
When the well-loved one seems to rest upon the hill, the thunderbolt of Indra, shatterer wrought of gold.

अस्मै भीमाय नमसा समध्वर उषो न शुभ्र आ भरापनीयसे |
यस्य धाम शरवसे नामेन्द्रियं जयोतिरकारिहरितो नायसे
English:- To him the terrible, most meet for lofty praise, like bright Dawn, now bring gifts with reverence in this rite,
Whose being, for renown, yea, Indra-power and light, have been created, like bay steeds, to move with speed.

इमे त इन्द्र ते वयं पुरुष्टुत ये तवारभ्य चरामसि परभूवसो |
नहि तवदन्यो गिर्वणो गिरः सघत कषोणीरिव परति नो हर्य तद वचः
English:- Thine, Indra, praised by many, excellently rich! are we who trusting in thy help draw near to thee.
Lover of praise, none else but thou receives our laud: as earth loves all her creatures, love thou this our hymn.

भूरि त इन्द्र वीर्यं तव समस्यस्य सतोतुर्मघवन काममा पर्ण |
अनु ते दयौर्ब्र्हती वीर्यं मम इयं च ते पर्थिवी नेम ओजसे
English:- Great is thy power, O Indra, we are thine. Fulfil, O Maghavan, the wish of this thy worshipper.
After thee lofty heaven hath measured out its strength: to thee and to thy power this earth hath bowed itself.

तवं तमिन्द्र पर्वतं महामुरुं वज्रेण वज्रिन पर्वशश्चकर्तिथ |
अवास्र्जो निव्र्ताः सर्तवा अपः सत्रा विश्वं दधिषे केवलं सहः
English:- Thou, who hast thunder for thy weapon, with thy bolt hast shattered into pieces this broad massive cloud.
Thou hast sent down the obstructed floods that they may flow: thou hast, thine own for ever, all victorious might.