Book 10 >> HYMN 145 - Sapatnibadhana

इमां खनाम्योषधिं वीरुधं बलवत्तमाम |
ययासपत्नीं बाधते यया संविन्दते पतिम
English:- . FROM out the earth I dig this plant, a herb of most effectual power,
Wherewith one quells the rival wife and gains the husband for oneself.

उत्तानपर्णे सुभगे देवजूते सहस्वति |
सपत्नीं मे पराधम पतिं मे केवलं कुरु
English:- Auspicious, with expanded leaves, sent by the Gods, victorious plant,
Blow thou the rival wife away, and make my husband only mine.

उत्तराहमुत्तर उत्तरेदुत्तराभ्यः |
अथा सपत्नी याममाधरा साधराभ्यः
English:- Stronger am 1, O Stronger One, yea, mightier than the mightier;
And she who is my rival wife is lower than the lowest dames.

नह्यस्या नाम गर्भ्णामि नो अस्मिन रमते जने |
परामेवपरावतं सपत्नीं गमयामसि
English:- Her very name I utter not: she takes no pleasure in this man.
Far into distance most remote drive we the rival wife away.

अहमस्मि सहमानाथ तवमसि सासहिः |
उभे सहस्वतीभूत्वी सपत्नीं मे सहावहै
English:- I am the conqueror, and thou, thou also act victorious:
As victory attends us both we will subdue my fellow-wife.

उप ते.अधां सहमानामभि तवाधां सहीयसा |
मामनुप्र ते मनो वत्सं गौरिव धावतु पथा वारिव धावतु
English:- I have gained thee for vanquisher, have grasped thee with a stronger spell.
As a cow hastens to her calf, so let thy spirit speed te me, hasten like water on its way.