Book 10 >> HYMN 17 - Various Deities

तवष्टा दुहित्रे वहतुं कर्णोतीतीदं विश्वं भुवनंसमेति |
यमस्य माता पर्युह्यमाना महो जाया विवस्वतोननाश
English:- . TVASTAR prepares the bridal of his Daughter: all the world hears the tidings and assembles.
But Yama's Mother, Spouse of great Vivasvān, vanished as she was carried to her dwelling.

अपागूहन्नम्र्तां मर्त्येभ्यः कर्त्वी सवर्णामददुर्विवस्वते |
उताश्विनावभरद यत तदसीदजहादु दवामिथुना सरण्यूः
English:- From mortal men they hid the Immortal Lady, made one like her and gave her to Vivasvān.
Saranyu brought to him the Aśvin brothers, and then deserted both twinned pairs of children.

पूषा तवेतश्च्यावयतु पर विद्वाननष्टपशुर्भुवनस्य गोपाः |
स तवैतेभ्यः परि ददत पित्र्भ्यो.अग्निर्देवेभ्यः सुविदत्रियेभ्यः
English:- Guard of the world, whose cattle ne'er are injured, may Pūṣan bear thee hence, for he hath knowledge.
May he consign thee to these Fathers' keeping, and to the gracious Gods let Agni give thee.

आयुर्विश्वायुः परि पासति तवा पूषा तवा पातु परपथेपुरस्तात |
यत्रसते सुक्र्तो यत्र ते ययुस्तत्र तवादेवः सविता दधातु
English:- May Āyu, giver of all life, protect thee, and bear thee forward on the distant pathway.
Thither let Savitar the God transport thee, where dwell the pious who have passed-before thee.

पूषेमा आशा अनु वेद सर्वाः सो अस्मानभयतमेननेषत |
सवस्तिदा आघ्र्णिः सर्ववीरो.अप्रयुछन पुर एतुप्रजानन
English:- Pūṣan knows all these realms: may he conduct us by ways that are most free from fear and danger.
Giver of blessings, glowing, all-heroic, may he, thewise and watchful, go before us.

परपथे पथमजनिष्ट पूषा परपथे दिवः परपथेप्र्थिव्याः |
उभे अभि परियतमे सधस्थे आ च परा चचरति परजानन
English:- Pūṣan was born to move on distant pathways, on the road far from earth and far from heaven.
To both most wonted places of assembly he travels and returns with perfect knowledge.

सरस्वतीं देवयन्तो हवन्ते सरस्वतीमध्वरे तायमाने |
सरस्वतीं सुक्र्तो अह्वयन्त सरस्वती दाशुषे वार्यं दात
English:- The pious call Sarasvatī, they worship Sarasvatī while sacrifice proceedeth.
The pious called Sarasvatī aforetime. Sarasvatī send bliss to him who giveth.

सरस्वति या सरथं ययथ सवधाभिर्देवि पित्र्भिर्मदन्ती |
आसद्यास्मिन बर्हिषि मादयस्वानमीवा इष आधेह्यस्मे
English:- Sarasvatī, who camest with the Fathers, with them rejoicing thee in our oblations,
Seated upon this sacred grass be joyful, and give us strengthening food that brings no sickness.

सरस्वतीं यां पितरो हवन्ते दक्षिणा यज्ञमभिनक्षमाणाः |
सहस्रार्घमिळो अत्र भागं रायस्पोषं यजमानेषु धेहि
English:- Thou, called on as Sarasvatī by Fathers who come right forward to our solemn service,
Give food and wealth to present sacrificers, a portion, worth a thousand, of refreshment.

अपो अस्मान मातरः शुन्धयन्तु घर्तेन नो घर्तप्वः पुनन्तु |
विश्वं हि रिप्रं परवहन्ति देविरुदिदाभ्यः शुचिरापूत एमि
English:- The Mother Floods shall make us bright and shining, cleansers of holy oil, with oil shall cleanse us:
For, Goddesses, they bear off all defilement: I, rise up from them purified and brightened.

दरप्सश्चस्कन्द परथमाननु दयूनिमं च योनिमनु यश्च पुर्वः |
समानं योनिमनु संचरन्तं दरप्सं जुहोम्यनु सप्त होत्राः
English:- Through days of earliest date the Drop descended on this place and on that which was before it.
I offer up, throughout the seven oblations, the Drop which still to one same place is moving.

यस्ते दरप्स सकन्दति यस्ते अंशुर्बाहुच्युतो धिषणायाुपस्थात |
अध्वर्योर्वा परि वा यः पवित्रात तं ते जुहोमिमनसा वषट्क्र्तम
English:- The Drop that falls, thy stalk which arms have shaken, which from the bosom of the press hath fallen,
Or from the Adhvaryu's purifying filter, I offer thee with heart and cry of Vaṣaṭ!

यस्ते दरप्स सकन्नो यस्ते अंशुरवश्च यः परःस्रुचा |
अयं देवो बर्हस्पतिः सं तं सिञ्चतु राधसे
English:- That fallen Drop of thine, the stalk which from the ladle fell away,
This present God Bṛhaspati shall pour it forth to make us rich.

पयस्वतीरोषधयः पयस्वन मामकं वचः |
अपाम्पयस्वदित पयस्तेन मा सह शुन्धत
English:- The plants of earth are rich in milk, and rich in milk is this my speech;
And rich in milk the essence of the Waters: make me pure therewith.