Book 10 >> HYMN 32 - Indra

पर सु गमन्ता धियसानस्य सक्षणि वरेभिर्वरानभिषु परसीदतः |
अस्माकमिन्द्र उभयं जुजोषति यत्सोम्यस्यान्धसो बुबोधति
English:- . FORTH speed the Pair to bring the meditating God, benevolent with boons sent in return for boons.
May Indra graciously accept both gifts from us, when he hath knowledge of the flowing Soma juice.

वीन्द्र यासि दिव्यानि रोचना वि पार्थिवानि रजसापुरुष्टुत |
ये तवा वहन्ति मुहुरध्वरानुप ते सुवन्वन्तु वग्यनानराधसः
English:- Thou wanderest far, O Indra, through the spheres of light and realms of earth, the region, thou whom many praise!
Let those who often bring their solemn rites conquer the noisy babblers who present no gifts.

तदिन मे छन्त्सत वपुषो वपुष्टरं पुत्रो यज्जानम्पित्रोरधीयति |
जाया पतिं वहति वग्नुना सुमत पुंसैद भद्रो वहतुः परिष्क्र्तः
English:- More beautiful than beauty must this seem to me, when the son duly careth for his parents' line.
The wife attracts the husband: with a shout of joy the man's auspicious marriage is performed aright.

तदित सधस्थमभि चारु दीधय गावो यच्छासन्वहतुं न धेनवः |
माता यन मन्तुर्यूथस्यपूर्व्याभि वाणस्य सप्तधातुरिज्जनः
English:- This beauteous place of meeting have I looked upon, where, like milch-cows, the kine order the marriage train;
Where the Herd's Mother counts as first and best of all, and round her are the seven-toned people of the choir.

पर वो.अछा रिरिचे देवयुष पदमेको रुद्रेभिर्यातितुर्वणिः |
जरा वा येष्वम्र्तेषु दावने परि वूमेभ्यः सिञ्चता मधु
English:- The Pious One hath reached your place before the rest: One only moves victorious with the Rudras' band.
To these your helpers pour our meath, Immortal Gods, with whom your song of praise hath power to win their gifts.

निधीयमानमपगूळमप्सु पर मे देवानां वरतपाुवाच |
इन्द्रो विद्वाननु हि तवा चचक्ष तेनाहमग्नेनुशिष्ट आगाम
English:- He who maintains the Laws of God informed me that thou wast lying hidden in the waters.
Indra, who knoweth well, beheld and showed thee. By him instructed am I come, O Agni.

अक्षेत्रवित कषेत्रविदं हयप्राट स परैतिक्षेत्रविदानुशिष्टः |
एतद वै भद्रमनुशासनोस्योतस्रुतिं विन्दत्यञ्जसीनाम
English:- The stranger asks the way of him who knows it: taught by the skilful guide he travels onward.
This is, in truth, the blessing of instruction: he finds the path that leads directly forward.

अद्येदु पराणीदममन्निमाहापीव्र्तो अधयन मातुरूधः |
एमेनमाप जरिमा युवानमहेळन वसुः सुमनाबभूव
English:- Even now he breathed: these days hath he remembered. Concealed, he sucked the bosom of his Mother.
Yet in his youth old age hath come upon him: he hath grown gracious, good, and free from anger.

एतानि भद्रा कलश करियाम कुरुश्रवण ददतो मघानि |
दान इद वो मघवानः सो अस्त्वयं च सोमो हर्दि यम्बिभर्मि
English:- O Kalasa, all these blessings will we bring them, O Kurusravana, who give rich presents.
May he, O wealthy princes, and this Soma which I am bearing in my heart, reward you.