Book 10 >> HYMN 74 - Indra

वसूनां वा चर्क्र्ष इयक्षन धिया वा यज्ञैर्वारोदस्योः |
अर्वन्तो वा ये रयिमन्तः सातौ वनुं वा येसुश्रुणं सुश्रुतो धुः
English:- . I AM prepared to laud with song or worship the Noble Ones who are in earth and heaven,
Or Coursers who have triumphed in, the contest, or those who famed, have won the prize with glory.

हव एषामसुरो नक्षत दयां शरवस्यता मनसा निंसतक्षा |
चक्षाणा यत्र सुविताय देवा दयौर्न वारेभिःक्र्णवन्त सवैः
English:- Their call, the call of Gods, went up to heaven: they kissed the ground with glory-seeking spirit,
There where the Gods look on for happy fortune, and like the kindly heavens bestow their bounties.

इयमेषामम्र्तानां गीः सर्वताता ये कर्पणन्त रत्नम |
धियं च यज्ञं च साधन्तस्ते नो धान्तु वसव्यमसामि
English:- This is the song of those Immortal Beings who long for treasures in their full perfection.
May these, completing prayers and sacrifices, bestow upon us wealth where naught is wanting.

आ तत त इन्द्रायवः पनन्तभि य ऊर्वं गोमन्तन्तित्र्त्सान |
सक्र्त्स्वं ये पुरुपुत्रां महीं सहस्रधाराम्ब्र्हतीं दुदुक्षन
English:- Those living men extolled thy deed, O Indra, those who would fain burst through the stall of cattle,
Fain to milk her who bare but once, great, lofty, whose Sons are many and her streams past number.

शचीव इन्द्रमवसे कर्णुध्वमनानतं दमयन्तं पर्तन्यून |
रभुक्षणं मघवानं सुव्र्क्तिं भर्ता यो वज्रं नर्यम्पुरुक्षुः
English:- Sacivan, win to your assistance Indra who never bends, who overcomes his foemen.
Ṛbhukṣan, Maghavan, the hymn's upholder, who, rich in food, bears man's kind friend, the thunder.

यद वावान पुरुतमं पुराषाळ आ वर्त्रहेन्द्रो नामान्यप्राः |
अचेति परासहस पतिस्तुविष्मान यदीमुश्मसिकर्तवे करत तत
English:- Since he who won of old anew hath triumphed, Indra hath earned his name of Vṛtra-slaycr.
He hath appeared, the mighty Lord of Conquest. What we would have him do let him accomplish.