Book 2 >> HYMN 18 - Indra

पराता रथो नवो योजि सस्निश्चतुर्युगस्त्रिकशः सप्तरश्मिः |
दशारित्रो मनुष्यः सवर्षाः स इष्टिभिर्मतिभीरंह्यो भूत
English:- . THE rich new car hath been equipped at morning; four yokes it hath, three whips, seven reins to guide it:
Ten-sided, friendly to mankind, light-winner, that must be urged to speed with prayers and wishes.

सास्मा अरं परथमं स दवितीयमुतो तर्तीयं मनुषः स होता |
अन्यस्या गर्भमन्य ऊ जनन्त सो अन्येभिः सचते जेन्यो वर्षा
English:- This is prepared for him the first, the second, and the third time: he is man's Priest and Herald.
Others get offspring of another parent he goeth, as a noble Bull, with others.

हरी नु कं रथ इन्द्रस्य योजमायै सूक्तेन वचसा नवेन |
मो षु तवामत्र बहवो हि विप्रा नि रीरमन यजमानासो अन्ये
English:- To Indra's car the Bay Steeds have I harnessed, that new well-spoken words may bring him hither.
Here let not other worshippers detain thee, for among us are many holy singers.

आ दवाभ्यां हरिभ्यामिन्द्र याह्या चतुर्भिरा षड्भिर्हूयमानः |
आष्टाभिर्दशभिः सोमपेयमयं सुतःसुमख मा मर्धस कः
English:- Indra, come hitherward with two Bay Coursers, come thou with four, with six when invocated.
Come thou with eight, with ten, to drink the Soma. Here is the juice, brave Warrior: do not scorn it.

आ विंशत्या तरिंशता याह्यर्वां आ चत्वारिंशता हरिभिर्यजानः |
आ पञ्चाशता सुरथेभिरिन्द्रा षष्ट्या सप्तत्या सोमपेयम
English:- O Indra, come thou hither having harnessed thy car with twenty, thirty, forty horses.
Come thou with fifty well trained coursers, Indra, sixty or seventy, to drink the Soma.

आशीत्या नवत्या याह्यर्वां आ शतेन हरिभिरुह्यमानः |
अयं हि ते शुनहोत्रेषु सोम इन्द्र तवाया परिषिक्तो मदाय
English:- Come to us hitherward, O Indra, carried by eighty, ninety, or an hundred horses.
This Soma juice among the Śunahotras hath been poured out, in love, to glad thee, Indra.

मम बरह्मेन्द्र याह्यछा विश्वा हरी धुरि धिष्वा रथस्य |
पुरुत्रा हि विहव्यो बभूथास्मिञ्छूर सवने मादयस्व
English:- To this my prayer, O Indra, come thou hither: bind to thy car's pole all thy two Bay Coursers.
Thou art to be invoked in many places Hero, rejoice thyself in this libation.

न म इन्द्रेण सख्यं वि योषदस्मभ्यमस्य दक्षिणा दुहीत |
उप जयेष्ठे वरूथे गभस्तौ पराये-पराये जिगीवांसः सयाम
English:- Ne'er be my love from Indra disunited still may his liberal Milch-cow yield us treasure.
So may we under his supreme protection, safe in his arms, succeed in each forth-going.

नूनं सा ...
English:- Now may that wealthy Cow Of thine, O Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds thee.
Give to thy praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.