Book 2 >> HYMN 21 -

विश्वजिते धनजिते सवर्जिते सत्राजिते नर्जित उर्वराजिते |
अश्वजिते गोजिते अब्जिते भरेन्द्राय सोमं यजताय हर्यतम
English:- . To him the Lord of all, the Lord of wealth, of light; him who is Lord for ever, Lord of men and tilth,
Him who is Lord of horses, Lord of kine, of floods, to Indra, to the Holy bring sweet Soma juice.

अभिभुवे.अभिभङगाय वन्वते.अषाळ्हाय सहमानाय वेधसे |
तुविग्रये वह्नये दुष्टरीतवे सत्रासाहे नम इन्द्राय वोचत
English:- To him the potent One, who conquers and breaks down, the Victor never vanquished who disposes all,
The mighty-voiced, the rider, unassailable, to Indra everconquering speak your reverent prayer.

सत्रासाहो जनभक्षो जनंसहश्च्यवनो युध्मो अनु जोषमुक्षितः |
वर्तंचयः सहुरिर्विक्ष्वारित इन्द्रस्य वोचं पर कर्तानि वीर्या
English:- Still Victor, loved by mortals, ruler over men, o'erthrower, warrior, he hath waxen as he would;
Host-gatherer, triumphant, honoured mid the folk. Indra's heroic deeds will I tell forth to all.

अनानुदो वर्षभो दोधतो वधो गम्भीर रष्वो असमष्टकाव्यः |
रध्रचोदः शनथनो वीळितस पर्थुरिन्द्रः सुयज्ञ उषसः सवर्जनत
English:- The strong who never yields, who slew the furious fiend, the deep, the vast, of wisdom unattainable;
Who speeds the good, the breaker-down, the firm, the vast,-Indra whose rites bring joy hath made the light of Dawn.

यज्णेन गातुमप्तुरो विविद्रिरे धियो हिन्वाना उशिजो मनीषिणः |
अभिस्वरा निषदा गा अवस्यव इन्द्रे हिन्वाना दरविणान्याशत
English:- By sacrifice the yearning sages sending forth their songs found furtherance from him who speeds the flood.
In Indra seeking help with worship and with hymn, they drew him to themselves and won them kine and wealth.

इन्द्र शरेष्ठानि दरविणानि धेहि चित्तिं दक्षस्य सुभगत्वं अस्मे |
पोषं रयीणामरिष्टिं तनूनां सवाद्मानं वाचः सुदिनत्वमह्नाम
English:- Indra, bestow on us the best of treasures, the spirit of ability and fortune;
Increase of riches, safety of our bodies, charm of sweet speech, and days of pleasant weather.