Book 2 >> HYMN 29 - Visvedevas

धर्तव्रता आदित्या इषिरा आरे मत कर्त रहसूरिवागः |
शर्ण्वतो वो वरुण मित्र देवा भद्रस्य विद्वानवसे हुवेवः
English:- . UPHOLDERS of the Law, ye strong Ādityas, remove my sin like her who bears in secret.
You, Varuṇa, Mitra and all Gods who listen, I call to help me, I who know your goodness.

यूयं देवाः परमतिर्यूयमोजो यूयं दवेषांसि सनुतर्युयोत |
अभिक्षत्तारो अभि च कषमध्वमद्या च नो मर्ळयतापरं च
English:- Ye, Gods, are providence and ye are power: remove ye utterly all those who hate us.
As givers of good things deal with us kindly: this day be gracious to us and hereafter.

किमू नु वः कर्णवामापरेण किं सनेन वसव आप्येन |
यूयं नो मित्रावरुणादिते च सवस्तिमिन्द्रामरुतो दधात
English:- What service may we do you with our future, what service, Vasus, with our ancient friendship?
O Aditi, and Varuṇa and Mitra, Indra and Maruts, make us well and happy.

हये देवा यूयमिदापय सथ ते मर्ळत नाधमानाय मह्यम |
मा वो रथो मध्यमवाळ रते भून मा युष्मावस्त्वापिषु शरमिष्म
English:- Ye, O ye Gods, are verily our kinsmen as such be kind to me who now implore you.
Let not your car come slowly to our worship: of kinsmen such as you ne'er let us weary.

पर व एको मिमय भूर्यागो यन मा पितेव कितवं शशास |
आरे पाषा आरे अघानि देवा मा माधि पुत्रे विमिव गरभीष्ट
English:- I singly have sinned many a sin against you, and ye chastised me as a sire the gambler.
Far be your nets, far, Gods, be mine offences: seize me not like a bird upon her offspring.

अर्वाञ्चो अद्या भवता यजत्रा आ वो हार्दि भयमानो वययेयम |
तराध्वं नो देवा निजुरो वर्कस्य तराध्वं कर्तादवपदो यजत्राः
English:- Turn yourselves hitherward this day, ye Holy, that fearing in my heart I may approach you.
Protect us, God; let not the wolf destroy us. Save us, ye Holy, from the pit and falling.

माहं मघोनो ...
English:- May I not live, O Varuṇa, to witness my wealthy, liberal, dear friend's destitution.
King, may I never lack well-ordered riches. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.