Book 2 >> HYMN 5 - Agni

होताजनिष्ट चेतनः पिता पित्र्भ्य ऊतये |
परयक्षञ जेन्यं वसु शकेम वाजिनो यमम
English:- . HERALD and teacher was he born, a guardian for our patrons' help,
Earner by rites of noble wealth. That Strong One may we grasp and guide;

आ यस्मिन सप्त रश्मयस्तता यज्ञस्य नेतरि |
मनुष्वद दैव्यमष्टमं पोता विश्वं तदिन्वति
English:- In whom, Leader of sacrifice, the seven reins, far extended, meet;
Who furthers, man-like, eighth in place, as Cleanser, all the work divine.

दधन्वे वा यदीमनु वोचद बरह्माणि वेरु तत |
परि विश्वानि काव्या नेमिश्चक्रमिवाभवत
English:- When swift he follows this behest, bird-like he chants the holy prayers.
He holds all knowledge in his grasp even as the felly rounds the wheel.

साकं हि शुचिना शुचिः परशास्ता करतुनाजनि |
विद्वानस्य वरता धरुवा वया इवानु रोहते
English:- Together with pure mental power, pure, as Director, was he born.
Skilled in his own unchanging laws he waxes like the growing boughs.

ता अस्य वर्णमायुवो नेष्टुः सचन्त धेनवः |
कुवित तिस्र्भ्य आ वरं सवसारो या इदं ययुः
English:- Clothing them in his hues, the kine of him the Leader wait on him.
Is he not better than the Three, the Sisters who have come to us?

यदी मातुरुप सवसा घर्तं भरन्त्यस्थित |
तासामध्वर्युरागतौ यवो वर्ष्टीव मोदते
English:- When, laden with the holy oil, the Sister by the Mother stands,
The Priest delights in their approach, as corn at coming of the rain.

सवः सवाय धायसे कर्णुतां रत्विग रत्विजम |
सतोमं यज्ञं चादरं वनेमा ररिमा वयम
English:- For his support let him perform as ministrant his priestly task;
Yea, song of praise and sacrifice: we have bestowed, let us obtain.

यथ विद्वानरं करद विश्वेभ्यो यजतेभ्यः अयमग्ने तवे अपि यं यज्ञं चक्र्मा वयम
English:- That so this man well skilled, may pay worship to all the Holy Ones.
And, Agni, this our sacrifice which we have here prepared, to thee.