Book 3 >> HYMN 21 - Agni

इमं नो यज्ञमम्र्तेषु धेहीमा हव्या जातवेदो जुषस्व |
सतोकानामग्ने मेदसो घर्तस्य होतः पराशान परथमो निषद्य
English:- . SET this our sacrifice among the Immortals: be pleased with these our presents, Jātavedas.
O Priest, O Agni, sit thee down before us, and first enjoy the drops of oil and fatness.

घर्तवन्तः पावक ते सतोका शचोतन्ति मेदसः |
सवधर्मन देववीतये शरेष्ठं नो धेहि वार्यम
English:- For thee, O Purifier, flow the drops of fatness rich in oil.
After thy wont vouchsafe to us the choicest boon that Gods may feast.

तुभ्यं सतोका घर्तश्चुतो.अग्ने विप्राय सन्त्य |
रषिः शरेष्ठः समिध्यसे यज्ञस्य पराविता भव
English:- Agni, Most Excellent! for thee the Sage are drops that drip with oil.
Thou art enkindled as the best of Seers. Help thou the sacrifice.

तुभ्यं शचोतन्त्यध्रिगो शचीव सतोकासो अग्ने मेदसो घर्तस्य |
कविशस्तो बर्हता भानुनागा हव्या जुषस्व मेधिर
English:- To thee, O Agni, mighty and resistless, to thee stream forth the drops of oil and fatness.
With great light art thou come, O praised by poets! Accept our offering, O thou Sage.

ओजिष्ठं ते मध्यतो मेद उद्भ्र्तं पर ते वयं ददामहे |
शचोतन्ति ते वसो सतोका अधि तवचि परति तान देवशो विहि
English:- Fatness exceeding rich, extracted from the midst,-this as our gift we offer thee.
Excellent God, the drops run down upon thy skin. Deal them to each among the Gods.