Book 3 >> HYMN 38 - Indra

अभि तष्टेव दीधया मनीषामत्यो न वाजी सुधुरो जिहानः |
अभि परियाणि मर्म्र्शत पराणि कवीन्रिछामि सन्द्र्शे सुमेधाः
English:- . HASTING like some strong courser good at drawing, a thought have I imagined like a workman.
Pondering what is dearest and most noble, I long to see the sages full of wisdom.

इनोत पर्छ जनिमा कवीनां मनोध्र्तः सुक्र्तस्तक्षत दयाम |
इमा उ ते परण्यो वर्धमाना मनोवाता अध नु धर्मणिग्मन
English:- Ask of the sages' mighty generations firm-minded and devout they framed the heaven.
These are thy heart-sought strengthening directions, and they have come to be sky's upholders.

नि षीमिदत्र गुह्या दधाना उत कषत्राय रोदसी समञ्जन |
सं मात्राभिर्ममिरे येमुर उर्वी अन्तर मही सम्र्ते धायसे धुः
English:- Assuming in this world mysterious natures, they decked the heaven and earth for high dominion,
Measured with measures, fixed their broad expanses, set the great worlds apart held firm for safety.

आतिष्ठन्तं परि विश्वे अभूषञ्छ्रियो वसानश्चरति सवरोचिः |
महत तद वर्ष्णो असुरस्य नामा विश्वरूपो अम्र्तानि तस्थौ
English:- Even as he mounted up they all adorned him: self-luminous he travels clothed in splendour.
That is the Bull's, the Asura's mighty figure: he, omniform, hath reached the eternal waters.

असूत पूर्वो वर्षभो जयायानिमा अस्य शुरुधः सन्ति पूर्वीः |
दिवो नपाता विदथस्य धीभिः कषत्रं राजाना परदिवो दधाथे
English:- First the more ancient Bull engendered offspring; these are his many draughts that lent him vigour.
From days of old ye Kings, two Sons of Heaven, by hymns of sacrifice have won dominion.

तरीणि राजाना विदथे पुरूणि परि विश्वानि भूषथः सदांसि |
अपश्यमत्र मनसा जगन्वान वरते गन्धर्वानपि वायुकेशान
English:- Three seats ye Sovrans, in the Holy synod, many, yea, all, ye honour with your presence.
There saw I, going thither in the spirit, Gandharvas in their course with wind-blown tresses.

तदिन नवस्य वर्षभस्य धेनोरा नामभिर्ममिरे सक्म्यंगोः |
अन्यद-अन्यदसुर्यं वसाना नि मायिनो ममिरे रूपमस्मिन
English:- That same companionship of her, the Milch-cow, here with the strong Bull's divers forms they stablished.
Enduing still some new celestial figure, the skilful workers shaped a form around him.

तदिन नवस्य सवितुर्नकिर्मे हिरण्ययीममतिं यामशिश्रेत |
आ सुष्टुती रोदसी विश्वमिन्वे अपीव योषा जनिमानि वव्रे
English:- Let no one here debar me from enjoying the golden light which Savitar diffuses.
He covers both all-fostering worlds with praises even as a woman cherishes her children.

युवं परत्नस्य साधथो महो यद दैवी सवस्तिः परि णः सयातम |
गोपाजिह्वस्य तस्थुषो विरूपा विश्वे पश्यन्ति मायिनः कर्तानि
English:- Fulfil, ye twain, his work, the Great, the Ancient: as heavenly blessing keep your guard around us.
All the wise Gods behold his varied actions who stands erect, whose voice is like a herdsman's.

शुनं हुवेम ...
English:- Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vṛtras, wins and gathers riches.