Book 3 >> HYMN 40 - Indra

इन्द्र तवा वर्षभं वयं सुते सोमे हवामहे |
स पाहि मध्वो अन्धसः
English:- . THEE, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma is expressed.
So drink thou of the savoury juice.

इन्द्र करतुविदं सुतं सोमं हर्य पुरुष्टुत |
पिबा वर्षस्व तात्र्पिम
English:- Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength-conferring Soma juice:
Quaff, pour down drink that satisfies.

इन्द्र पर णो धितावानं यज्ञं विश्वेभिर्देवेभिः |
तिर सतवान विश्पते
English:- Indra, with all the Gods promote our wealth-bestowing sacrifice,
Thou highly-lauded Lord of men.

इन्द्र सोमाः सुता इमे तव पर यन्ति सत्पते |
कषयं चन्द्रास इन्दवः
English:- Lord of the brave, to thee proceed these drops of Soma juice expressed,
The bright drops to thy dwelling-place.

दधिष्वा जठरे सुतं सोममिन्द्र वरेण्यम |
तव दयुक्षास इन्दवः
English:- Within thy belly, Indra, take juice, Soma the most excellent: Thine are the drops celestial.

गिर्वणः पाहि नः सुतं मधोर्धाराभिरज्यसे |
इन्द्र तवादातमिद यशः
English:- Drink our libation, Lord of hymns: with streams of meath thou art bedewed
Our glory, Indra, is thy gift.

अभि दयुम्नानि वनिन इन्द्रं सचन्ते अक्षिता |
पीत्वी सोमस्य वाव्र्धे
English:- To Indra go the treasures of the worshipper, which never fail:
He drinks the Soma and is strong

अर्वावतो न आ गहि परावतश्च वर्त्रहन |
इमा जुषस्व नो गिरः
English:- From far away, from near at hand, O Vṛtra-slayer, come to us:
Accept the songs we sing to thee.

यदन्तरा परावतमर्वावतं च हूयसे |
इन्द्रेह तत आ गहि
English:- When from the space between the near and far thou art invoked by us,
Thence, Indra. come thou hitherward.