Book 3 >> HYMN 42 - Indra

उप नः सुतमा गहि सोममिन्द्र गवाशिरम |
हरिभ्यां यस्ते अस्मयुः
English:- . COME to the juice that we have pressed, to Soma, Indra, bleat with milk:
Come, favouring us, thy Bay-drawn car!

तमिन्द्र मदमा गहि बर्हिष्ठां गरावभिः सुतम |
कुविन नवस्य तर्प्णवः
English:- Come, Indra, to this gladdening drink, placed on the grass, pressed out with stones:
Wilt thou not drink thy fill thereof?

इन्द्रमित्था गिरो ममाछागुरिषिता इतः |
आव्र्ते सोमपीतये
English:- To Indra have my songs of praise gone forth, thus rapidly sent hence,
To turn him to the Soma-draught.

इन्द्रं सोमस्य पीतये सतोमैरिह हवामहे |
उक्थेभिः कुविदागमत
English:- Hither with songs of praise we call Indra to drink the Soma juice:
Will he not come to us by lauds?

इन्द्र सोमाः सुता इमे तान दधिष्व शतक्रतो |
जठरे वाजिनीवसो
English:- Indra, these Somas are expressed. Take them within thy belly, Lord
Of Hundred Powers, thou Prince of Wealth.

विद्मा हि तवा धनंजयं वाजेषु दध्र्षं कवे |
अधा तेसुम्नमीमहे
English:- We know thee winner of the spoil, and resolute in battles, Sage!
Therefore thy blessing we implore.

इममिन्द्र गवाशिरं यवाशिरं च नः पिब |
आगत्या वर्षभिः सुतम
English:- Borne hither by thy Stallions, drink, Indra, this juice which we have pressed,
Mingled with barley and with milk.

तुभ्येदिन्द्र सव ओक्ये सोमं चोदामि पीतये |
एष रारन्तु ते हर्दि
English:- Indra, for thee, in thine own place, I urge the Soma for thy draught:
Deep in thy heart let it remain,

तवां सुतस्य पीतये परत्नमिन्द्र हवामहे |
कुशिकासो अवस्यवः
English:- We call on thee, the Ancient One, Indra, to drink the Soma juice,
We Kuśikas who seek thine aid.