Book 3 >> HYMN 57 - Visvedevas

पर मे विविक्वानविदन मनीषां धेनुं चरन्तीं परयुतामगोपाम |
सद्यश्चिद या दुदुहे भूरि धासेरिन्द्रस्तदग्निः पनितारो अस्याः
English:- . MY thought with fine discernment hath discovered the Cow who wanders free without a herdsman,
Her who hath straightway poured me food in plenty: Indra and Agni therefore are her praisers.

इन्द्रः सु पूषा वर्षणा सुहस्ता दिवो न परीताः शशयं दुदुह्रे |
विश्वे यदस्यां रणयन्त देवाः पर वो.अत्र वसवः सुम्नमश्याम
English:- Indra and Pūṣan, deft of hand and mighty, well-pleased have drained the heaven's exhaustless udder.
As in this praise the Gods have all delighted, may I win blessing here from you, O Vasus.

या जामयो वर्ष्ण इछन्ति शक्तिं नमस्यन्तीर्जानते गर्भमस्मिन |
अछा पुत्रं धेनवो वावशाना महश्चरन्ति बिभ्रतं वपूंषि
English:- Fain to lend vigour to the Bull, the siste.. with reverence recognize the germ within him.
The Cows come lowing hither to the Youngling, to him endued with great and wondrous beauties.

अछा विवक्मि रोदसी सुमेके गराव्णो युजानो अध्वरे मनीषा |
इमा उ ते मनवे भूरिवारा ऊर्ध्वा भवन्ति दर्शता यजत्राः
English:- Fixing with thought, at sacrifice, the press-stones, I bid the well-formed Heaven and Earth come hither;
For these thy flames, which give men boons in plenty, rise up on high, the beautiful, the holy.

या ते जिह्वा मधुमती सुमेधा अग्ने देवेषूच्यत उरूची |
तयेह विश्वानवसे यजत्राना सादय पायया चा मधूनि
English:- Agni, thy meath-sweet tongue that tastes fair viands, which among Gods is called the far-extended,-
Therewith make all the Holy Odes be seated here for our help, and feed them with sweet juices.

या ते अग्ने पर्वतस्येव धारासश्चन्ती पीपयद देव चित्रा |
तामस्मभ्यं परमतिं जातवेदो वसो रास्व सुमतिं विश्वजन्याम
English:- Let thy stream give us drink, O God, O Agni, wonderful and exhaustless like the rain-clouds.
Thus care for us, O Vasu Jātavedas, show us thy loving-kindness, reaching all men.