Book 4 >> HYMN 21 - Indra

आ यात्व इन्द्रो ऽवस उप न इह सतुतः सधमाद अस्तु शूरः |
वाव्र्धानस तविषीर यस्य पूर्वीर दयौर न कषत्रम अभिभूति पुष्यात
English:- . MAY Indra come to us for our protection; here be the Hero, praised, our feast-companion.
May he whose powers are many, waxen mighty, cherish, like Dyaus, his own supreme dominion.

तस्येद इह सतवथ वर्ष्ण्यानि तुविद्युम्नस्य तुविराधसो नॄन |
यस्य करतुर विदथ्यो न सम्राट साह्वान तरुत्रो अभ्य अस्ति कर्ष्टीः
English:- Here magnify his great heroic exploits, most glorious One, enriching men with bounties,
Whose will is like a Sovran in assembly, who rules the people, Conqueror, all-surpassing.

आ यात्व इन्द्रो दिव आ पर्थिव्या मक्षू समुद्राद उत वा पुरीषात |
सवर्णराद अवसे नो मरुत्वान परावतो वा सदनाद रतस्य
English:- Hither let Indra come from earth or heaven, hither with speech from firmament or ocean;
With Maruts, from the realm of light to aid us, or from a distance, from the seat of Order.

सथूरस्य रायो बर्हतो य ईशे तम उ षटवाम विदथेष्व इन्द्रम |
यो वायुना जयति गोमतीषु पर धर्ष्णुया नयति वस्यो अछ
English:- That Indra will we laud in our assemblies, him who is Lord of great and lasting riches,
Victor with Vāyu where the herds are gathered, who leads with boldness on to higher fortune.

उप यो नमो नमसि सतभायन्न इयर्ति वाचं जनयन यजध्यै |
रञ्जसानः पुरुवार उक्थैर एन्द्रं कर्ण्वीत सदनेषु होता
English:- May the Priest, Lord of many blessings, striving,-who fixing reverence on reverence, giving
Vent to his voice, inciteth men to worship-with lauds bring Indra hither to our dwellings.

धिषा यदि धिषण्यन्तः सरण्यान सदन्तो अद्रिम औशिजस्य गोहे |
आ दुरोषाः पास्त्यस्य होता यो नो महान संवरणेषु वह्निः
English:- When sitting pondering in deep devotion in Auśija's abode they ply the press-stone,
May he whose wrath is fierce, the mighty bearer, come as the house-lord's priest within our chambers.

सत्रा यद ईम भार्वरस्य वर्ष्णः सिषक्ति शुष्म सतुवते भराय |
गुहा यद ईम औशिजस्य गोहे पर यद धिये परायसे मदाय
English:- Surely the power of Bhārvara the mighty for ever helpeth to support the singer;
That which in Auśija's abode lies hidden, to come forth for delight and for devotion.

वि यद वरांसि पर्वतस्य वर्ण्वे पयोभिर जिन्वे अपां जवांसि |
विदद गौरस्य गवयस्य गोहे यदी वाजाय सुध्यो वहन्ति
English:- When he unbars the spaces of the mountains, and quickens with his floods the water-torrents,
He finds in lair the buffalo and wild-ox when the wise lead him on to vigorous exploit.

भद्रा ते हस्ता सुक्र्तोत पाणी परयन्तारा सतुवते राध इन्द्र |
का ते निषत्तिः किम उ नो ममत्सि किं नोद-उद उ हर्षसे दातवा उ
English:- Auspicious are thy hands, thine arms well-fashioned which proffer bounty, Indra, to thy praiser.
What sloth is this? Why dost thou not rejoice thee? Why dost thou not delight thyself with giving?

एवा वस्व इन्द्रः सत्यः सम्राड ढन्ता वर्त्रं वरिवः पूरवे कः |
पुरुष्टुत करत्वा नः शग्धि रायो भक्षीय ते ऽवसो दैव्यस्य
English:- So Indra is the truthful Lord of treasure. Freedom he gave to man by slaying Vṛtra.
Much-lauded! help us with thy power to riches: may I be sharer of thy Godlike favour.

नू षटुत इन्द्र नू गर्णान इषं जरित्रे नद्यो न पीपेः |
अकारि ते हरिवो बरह्म नव्यं धिया सयाम रथ्यः सदासाः
English:- Now, Indra! lauded, glorified with praises, let power swell high, like rivers, for the singer.
For thee a new hymn, Lord of Bays! is fashioned. May we, care-borne, through song be victors ever.