Book 4 >> HYMN 29 - Indra

आ न सतुत उप वाजेभिर ऊती इन्द्र याहि हरिभिर मन्दसानः |
तिरश चिद अर्यः सवना पुरूण्य आङगूषेभिर गर्णानः सत्यराधाः
English:- . COME, lauded, unto us with powers and succours, O Indra, with thy Tawny Steeds; exulting,
Past even the foeman's manifold libations, glorified with our hymns, true Wealth-bestower.

आ हि षमा याति नर्यश चिकित्वान हूयमानः सोत्र्भिर उप यज्ञम |
सवश्वो यो अभीरुर मन्यमानः सुष्वाणेभिर मदति सं ह वीरैः
English:- Man's Friend, to this our sacrifice he cometh marking how he is called by Soma-pressers.
Fearless, and conscious that his Steeds are noble, he joyeth with the Soma-pouring heroes.

शरावयेद अस्य कर्णा वाजयध्यै जुष्टाम अनु पर दिशम मन्दयध्यै |
उद्वाव्र्षाणो राधसे तुविष्मान करन न इन्द्रः सुतीर्थाभयं च
English:- Make his cars hear, that he may show his vigour and may be joyful in the way he loveth.
May mighty Indra pouring forth in bounty bestow on us good roads and perfect safety;

अछा यो गन्ता नाधमानम ऊती इत्था विप्रं हवमानं गर्णन्तम |
उप तमनि दधानो धुर्य आशून सहस्राणि शतानि वज्रबाहुः
English:- He who with succour comes to his implorer, the singer here who with his song invites him;
He who himself sets to the pole swift Coursers, he who hath hundreds, thousands, Thunder-wielder.

तवोतासो मघवन्न इन्द्र विप्रा वयं ते सयाम सूरयो गर्णन्तः |
भेजानासो बर्हद्दिवस्य राय आकाय्यस्य दावने पुरुक्षोः
English:- O Indra Maghavan, by thee protected may we be thine, princes and priests and singers,
Sharing the riches sent from lofty heaven which yields much food, and all desire its bounty.