Book 4 >> HYMN 52 - Dawn

परति षया सूनरी जनी वयुछन्ती परि सवसुः |
दिवो अदर्शि दुहिता
English:- . THIS Lady, giver of delight, after her Sister shining forth, Daughter of Heaven, hath shown herself.-

अश्वेव चित्रारुषी माता गवाम रतावरी |
सखाभूद अश्विनोर उषाः
English:- Unfailing, Mother of the Kine, in colour like a bright red mare,
The Dawn became the Aśvins' Friend.

उत सखास्य अश्विनोर उत माता गवाम असि |
उतोषो वस्व ईशिषे
English:- Yea, and thou art the Aśvins' Friend, the Mother of the Kine art thou:
O Dawn thou rulest over wealth.

यावयद्द्वेषसं तवा चिकित्वित सून्र्तावरि |
परति सतोमैर अभुत्स्महि
English:- Thinking of thee, O joyous One, as her who driveth hate away,
We woke to meet thee with our lauds.

परति भद्रा अद्र्क्षत गवां सर्गा न रश्मयः |
ओषा अप्रा उरु जरयः
English:- Our eyes behold thy blessed rays like troops of cattle loosed to feed.
Dawn hath filled full the wide expanse.

आपप्रुषी विभावरि वय आवर जयोतिषा तमः |
उषो अनु सवधाम अव
English:- When thou hast filled it, Fulgent One! thou layest bare the gloom with light.
After thy nature aid us, Dawn.

आ दयां तनोषि रश्मिभिर आन्तरिक्षम उरु परियम |
उषः शुक्रेण शोचिषा
English:- Thou overspreadest heaven with rays, the dear wide region of mid-air.
With thy bright shining lustre, Dawn.