Book 5 >> HYMN 10 - Agni

अग्न ओजिष्ठम आ भर दयुम्नम अस्मभ्यम अध्रिगो |
पर नो राया परीणसा रत्सि वाजाय पन्थाम
English:- . BRING us most mighty splendour thou, Agni, resistless on thy way.
With overflowing store of wealth mark out for us a path to strength.

तवं नो अग्ने अद्भुत करत्वा दक्षस्य मंहना |
तवे असुर्यम आरुहत कराणा मित्रो न यज्ञियः
English:- Ours art thou, wondrous Agni, by wisdom and bounteousness of power.
The might of Asuras rests on thee, like Mitra worshipful in act.

तवं नो अग्न एषां गयम पुष्टिं च वर्धय |
ये सतोमेभिः पर सूरयो नरो मघान्य आनशुः
English:- Agni, increase our means of life, increase the house and home of these,
The men, the princes who have won great riches through our hymns of praise.

ये अग्ने चन्द्र ते गिरः शुम्भन्त्य अश्वराधसः |
शुष्मेभिः शुष्मिणो नरो दिवश चिद येषाम बर्हत सुकीर्तिर बोधति तमना
English:- Bright Agni, they who deck their songs for thee have horses as their meed.
The men are mighty in their might, they whose high laud, as that of heaven, awakes thee of its own accord.

तव तये अग्ने अर्चयो भराजन्तो यन्ति धर्ष्णुया |
परिज्मानो न विद्युतः सवानो रथो न वाजयुः
English:- O Agni, those resplendent flames of thine go valorously forth,
Like lightnings flashing round us, like a rattling car that seeks the spoil.

नू नो अग्न ऊतये सबाधसश च रातये |
अस्माकासश च सूरयो विश्वा आशास तरीषणि
English:- Now, Agni, come to succour us; let priests draw nigh to offer gifts;
And let the patrons of our rites subdue all regions of the earth.

तवं नो अग्ने अङगिर सतुत सतवान आ भर |
होतर विभ्वासहं रयिं सतोत्र्भ्य सतवसे च न उतैधि पर्त्सु नो वर्धे
English:- Bring to us, Agni, Aṅgiras, lauded of old and lauded now,
Invoker! wealth to quell the strong, that singers may extol thee. Be near us in fight for our success.