Book 5 >> HYMN 3 - Agni

तवम अग्ने वरुणो जायसे यत तवम मित्रो भवसि यत समिद्धः |
तवे विश्वे सहसस पुत्र देवास तवम इन्द्रो दाशुषे मर्त्याय
English:- . THOU at thy birth art Varuṇa, O Agni; when thou art kindled thou becomest Mitra.
In thee, O Son of Strength, all Gods are centred. Indra art thou to man who brings oblation.

तवम अर्यमा भवसि यत कनीनां नाम सवधावन गुह्यम बिभर्षि |
अञ्जन्ति मित्रं सुधितं न गोभिर यद दम्पती समनसा कर्णोषि
English:- Aryaman art thou as regardeth maidens mysterious, is thy name, O Self-sustainer.
As a kind friend with streams of milk they balm thee what time thou makest wife and lord one-minded.

तव शरिये मरुतो मर्जयन्त रुद्र यत ते जनिम चारु चित्रम |
पदं यद विष्णोर उपमं निधायि तेन पासि गुह्यं नाम गोनाम
English:- The Maruts deck their beauty for thy glory, yea, Rudra! for thy birth fair, brightly-coloured.
That which was fixed as Viṣṇu's loftiest station-therewith the secret of the Cows thou guardest.

तव शरिया सुद्र्शो देव देवाः पुरू दधाना अम्र्तं सपन्त |
होतारम अग्निम मनुषो नि षेदुर दशस्यन्त उशिजः शंसम आयोः
English:- Gods through thy glory, God who art so lovely! granting abundant gifts gained life immortal.
As their own Priest have men established Agni; and serve him fain for praise from him who liveth.

न तवद धोता पूर्वो अग्ने यजीयान न काव्यैः परो अस्ति सवधावः |
विशश च यस्या अतिथिर भवासि स यज्ञेन वनवद देव मर्तान
English:- There is no priest more skilled than thou in worship; none Self-sustainer pass thee in wisdom.
The man within whose house as guest thou dwellest, O God, by sacrifice shall conquer mortals.

वयम अग्ने वनुयाम तवोता वसूयवो हविषा बुध्यमानाः |
वयं समर्ये विदथेष्व अह्नां वयं राया सहसस पुत्र मर्तान
English:- Aided by thee, O Agni may we conquer through our oblation, fain for wealth, awakened:
May we in battle, in the days' assemblies, O Son of Strength, by riches conquer mortals.

यो न आगो अभ्य एनो भरात्य अधीद अघम अघशंसे दधात |
जही चिकित्वो अभिशस्तिम एताम अग्ने यो नो मर्चयति दवयेन
English:- He shall bring evil on the evil-plotter whoever turns against us sin and outrage.
Destroy this calumny of him, O Agni, whoever injures us with double-dealing.

तवाम अस्या वयुषि देव पूर्वे दूतं कर्ण्वाना अयजन्त हव्यैः |
संस्थे यद अग्न ईयसे रयीणां देवो मर्तैर वसुभिर इध्यमानः
English:- At this dawn's flushing, God! our ancient fathers served thee with offerings, making thee their envoy,
When, Agni, to the store of wealth thou goest, a God enkindled with good things by mortals.

अव सप्र्धि पितरं योधि विद्वान पुत्रो यस ते सहसः सून ऊहे |
कदा चिकित्वो अभि चक्षसे नो ऽगने कदां रतचिद यातयासे
English:- Save, thou who knowest, draw thy father near thee, who counts as thine own son, O Child of Power.
O sapient Agni, when wilt thou regard us? When, skilled in holy Law, wilt thou direct us?

भूरि नाम वन्दमानो दधाति पिता वसो यदि तज जोषयासे |
कुविद देवस्य सहसा चकानः सुम्नम अग्निर वनते वाव्र्धानः
English:- Adoring thee he gives thee many a title, when thou, Good Lord! acceptest this as Father.
And doth not Agni, glad in strength of Godhead, gain splendid bliss when he hath waxen mighty?

तवम अङग जरितारं यविष्ठ विश्वान्य अग्ने दुरिताति पर्षि |
सतेना अद्र्श्रन रिपवो जनासो ऽजञातकेता वर्जिना अभूवन
English:- Most Youthful Agni, verily thou bearest thy praiser safely over all his troubles.
Thieves have been seen by us and open foemen: unknown have been the plottings of the wicked.

इमे यामासस तवद्रिग अभूवन वसवे वा तद इद आगो अवाचि |
नाहायम अग्निर अभिशस्तये नो न रीषते वाव्र्धानः परा दात
English:- To thee these eulogies have been directed: or to the Vasu hath this sin been spoken.
But this our Agni, flaming high, shall never yield us to calumny, to him who wrongs us.