Book 6 >> HYMN 29 - Indra

इन्द्रं वो नरः सख्याय सेपुर्महो यन्तः सुमतये चकानाः |
महो हि दाता वज्रहस्तो अस्ति महामु रण्वमवसे यजध्वम
English:- . YOUR men have followed Indra for his friendship, and for his loving-kindness glorified him.
For he bestows great wealth, the Thunder-wielder: worship him, Great and Kind, to win his favour.

आ यस्मिन हस्ते नर्या मिमिक्षुरा रथे हिरण्यये रथेष्ठाः |
आ रश्मयो गभस्त्यो सथूरयोराध्वन्नश्वासो वर्षणो युजानाः
English:- Him to whose hand, men closely cling, and drivers stand on his golden chariot firmly stationed.
With his firm arms he holds the reins; his Horses, the Stallions, are yoked ready for the journey.

शरिये ते पादा दुव आ मिमिक्षुर्ध्र्ष्णुर्वज्री शवसा दक्षिणावान |
वसानो अत्कं सुरभिं दर्शे कं सवर्ण नर्तविषिरो बभूथ
English:- Thy devotees embrace thy feet for glory. Bold, thunder-armed, rich, through thy strength, in guerdon,
Robed in a garment fair as heaven to look on, thou hast displayed thee like an active dancer.

स सोम आमिश्लतमः सुतो भूद यस्मिन पक्तिः पच्यते सन्तिधानाः |
इन्द्रं नर सतुवन्तो बरह्मकारा उक्था शंसन्तो देववाततमाः
English:- That Soma when effused hath best consistence, for which the food is dressed and grain is mingled;
By which the men who pray, extolling Indra chief favourites of Gods, recite their praises.

न ते अन्तः शवसो धाय्यस्य वि तु बाबधे रोदसी महित्वा |
आ ता सूरिः पर्णति तूतुजानो यूथेवाप्सु समीजमान ऊती
English:- No limit of thy might hath been appointed, which by its greatness sundered earth and heaven.
These the Prince filleth full with strong endeavour, driving, as 'twere, with help his flocks to waters.

एवेदिन्द्रः सुहव रष्वो अस्तूती अनूती हिरिशिप्रः सत्वा |
एवा हि जातो असमात्योजाः पुरू च वर्त्रा हनति नि दस्यून
English:- So be the lofty Indra prompt to listen, Helper unaided, golden-visored Hero.
Yea, so may he, shown forth in might unequalled, smite down the many Vṛtras and the Dasyus.