Book 7 >> HYMN 102 - Parjanya

पर्जन्याय पर गायत दिवस पुत्राय मीळ्हुषे |
स नो यवसमिछतु
English:- SING forth and laud Parjanya, son of Heaven, who sends the gift of rain
May he provide our pasturage.

यो गर्भमोषधीनां गवां कर्णोत्यर्वताम |
English:- Parjanya is the God who forms in kine, in mares, in plants of earth,
And womankind, the germ of life.

तस्मा इदास्ये हविर्जुहोता मधुमत्तमम |
इळां नः संयतं करत
English:- Offer and pour into his mouth oblation rich in savoury juice:
May he for ever give us food.