Book 7 >> HYMN 43 - Visvedevas

पर वो यज्ञेषु देवयन्तो अर्चन दयावा नमोभिः परिथिवी इषध्यै |
येषां बरह्माण्यसमानि विप्रा विष्वग वियन्ति वनिनो न शाखाः
English:- . SING out the pious at your sacrifices to move with adorations Earth and Heaven-
The Holy Singers, whose unmatched devotions, like a tree's branches, part in all directions.

पर यज्ञ एतु हेत्वो न सप्तिरुद यछध्वं समनसो घर्ताचीः |
सत्र्णीत बर्हिरध्वराय साधूर्ध्वा शोचींषि देवयून्यस्थुः
English:- Let sacrifice proceed like some fleet courser: with one accord lift ye on high the ladles.
Strew sacred grass meet for the solenm service: bright flames that love the Gods have mounted upward.

आ पुत्रासो न मातरं विभ्र्त्राः सानौ देवासो बर्हिषःसदन्तु |
आ विश्वाची विदथ्यामनक्त्वग्ने मा नो देवताता मर्धस कः
English:- Like babes in arms reposing on their mother, let the Gods sit upon the grass's summit.
Let general fire make bright the flame of worship: scorn us not, Agni, in the Gods' assembly.

ते सीषपन्त जोषमा यजत्रा रतस्य धाराः सुदुघा दुहानाः |
जयेष्ठं वो अद्य मह आ वसूनामा गन्तन समनसो यति षठ
English:- Gladly the Gods have let themselves be honoured, milking the copious streams of holy Order.
The highest might to-day is yours, the Vasits': come ye, as many as ye are, one-minded.

एवा नो अग्ने विक्ष्वा दशस्य तवया वयं सहसावन्नास्क्राः |
राया युजा सधमादो अरिष्टा यूयं पात ...
English:- So, Agni, send us wealth among the people: may we be closely knit to thee, O Victor,
Unharmed, and rich, and taking joy together. Preserve us evermore, ye ods, with blessings.