Book 7 >> HYMN 88 - Varuna

पर शुन्ध्युवं वरुणाय परेष्ठां मतिं वसिष्ठ मीळ्हुषे भरस्व |
य ईमर्वाञ्चं करते यजत्रं सहस्रामघं वर्षणं बर्हन्तम
English:- . PRESENT to Varuṇa thine hymn, Vasiṣṭha, bright, most delightful to the Bounteous Giver,
Who bringeth on to us the Bull, the lofty, the Holy, laden with a thousand treasures.

अधा नवस्य सन्द्र्शं जगन्वानग्नेरनीकं वरुणस्य मंसि |
सवर्यदश्मन्नधिपा उ अन्धो.अभि मा वपुर्द्र्शये निनीयात
English:- And now, as I am come before his presence, I take the face of Varuṇa for Agni's.
So might he bring-Lord also of the darkness-the light in heaven that I may see its beauty!

आ यद रुहाव वरुणश्च नावं पर यत समुद्रमीरयावमध्यम |
अधि यदपां सनुभिश्चराव पर परेङख ईङखयावहै शुभे कम
English:- When Varuṇa and I embark together and urge our boat into the midst of ocean,
We, when we ride o'er ridges of the waters, will swing within that swing and there be happy.

वसिष्ठं ह वरुणो नाव्याधाद रषिं चकार सवपा महोभिः |
सतोतारं विप्रः सुदिनत्वे अह्नां यान नु दयावस्ततनन यादुषासः
English:- Varuṇa placed Vasiṣṭha in the vessel, and deftly with his niight made him a Ṛṣi.
When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were lengthened.

कव तयानि नौ सख्या बभूवुः सचावहे यदव्र्कं पुरा चित |
बर्हन्तं मानं वरुण सवधावः सहस्रद्वारं जगमा गर्हं ते
English:- What hath become of those our ancient friendships, when without enmity we walked together?
I, Varuṇa, thou glorious Lord, have entered thy lofty home, thine house with thousand portals.

य आपिर्नित्यो वरुण परियः सन तवामागांसि कर्णवत सखा ते |
मा त एनस्वन्तो यक्षिन भुजेम यन्धि षमा विप्र सतुवते वरूथम
English:- If he, thy true ally, hath sinned against thee, still, Varuṇa, he is the friend thou lovedst.
Let us not, Living One, as sinners I know thee: give shelter, as a Sage, to him who lauds thee.

धरुवासु तवासु कषितिषु कषियन्तो वयस्मत पाशं वरुणोमुमोचत |
अवो वन्वाना अदितेरुपस्थाद यूयं पात
English:- While we abide in these fixed habitations, and from the lap of Aditi win favour,
May Varuṇa untie the bond that binds us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.