Book 7 >> HYMN 91 - Vayu

कुविदङग नमसा ये वर्धासः पुरा देवा अनवद्यास आसन |
ते वायवे मनवे बाधितायावासयन्नुषसं सूर्येण
English:- . WERE not in sooth, the Gods aforetime blameless, whose pleasure was increased by adoration?
For Vāyu and for man in his affliction they caused the Morning to arise with Sūrya.

उशन्ता दूता न दभाय गोपा मासश्च पाथः शरदश्च पूर्वीः |
इन्द्रवायू सुष्टुतिर्वामियाना मार्डीकमीट्टे सुवितं च नव्यम
English:- Guardians infallible, eager as envoys' preserve us safe through many months and autumns.
Addressed to you, our fair praise, Indra-Vāyu, implores your favour and renewed well-being.

पीवोन्नान रयिव्र्धः सुमेधाः शवेतः सिषक्ति नियुतामभिश्रीः |
ते वायवे समनसो वि तस्थुर्विश्वेन नरः सवपत्यानि चक्रुः
English:- Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he. seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
They have arranged them of one mind with Vāyu: the men have wrought all noble operations.

यावत तरस्तन्वो यावदोजो यावन नरश्चक्षसा दीध्यानाः |
शुचिं सोमं शुचिपा पातमस्मे इन्द्रवायू सदतम्बर्हिरेदम
English:- So far as native power and strength permit you, so far as men behold whose eyes have vision,
O ye pure-drinkers, drink with us pure Soma: sit on this sacred grass, Indra and Vāyu.

नियुवाना नियुत सपार्हवीरा इन्द्रवि -मर्वाक | आू} इदं हि वां परभ्र्तं मध्वो अग्रमध परीणाना विमुमुक्तमस्मे
English:- Driving down teams that bear the lovely Heroes, hitherward, Indra-Vāyu, come together.
To you this prime of savoury juice is offered: here loose your horses and be friendly-minded.

या वां शतं नियुतो याः सहस्रमिन्द्रवायू विश्ववाराः सचन्ते |
आभिर्यातं सुविदत्राभिरर्वाक पातं नराप्रतिभ्र्तस्य मध्वः
English:- Your hundred and your thousand teams, O Indra and Vāyu, all-munificent, which attend you,
With these most gracious-minded come ye hither, and drink, O Heroes of the meath we offer.

अर्वन्तो न शरवसो ...
English:- Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, O Indra-Vāyu, with our fair laudations,
Exerting all our powe-,, call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.