Book 8 >> HYMN 15 - Indra

तं वभि पर गायत पुरुहूतं पुरुष्टुतम |
इन्द्रं गीर्भिस्तविषमा विवासत
English:- . SING forth to him whom many men invoke, to him whom many laud.
Invite the powerful Indra with your songs of praise.

यस्य दविबर्हसो बर्हत सहो दाधार रोदसी |
गिरीन्रज्रानपः सवर्व्र्षत्वना
English:- Whose lofty might-for doubly strong is he-supports the heavens and earth,
And hills and plains and floods and light with manly power.

स राजसि पुरुष्टुत एको वर्त्राणि जिघ्नसे |
इन्द्र जैत्रा शरवस्या च यन्तवे
English:- Such, Praised by many! thou art King alone thou smitest Vṛtras dead,
To gain, O Indra, spoils of war and high renown.

तं ते मदं गर्णीमसि वर्षणं पर्त्सु सासहिम |
उ लोकक्र्त्नुमद्रिवो हरिश्रियम
English:- We sing this strong and wild delight of thine which conquers in the fray,
Which, Caster of the Stone! gives room and shines like gold.

येन जयोतींष्यायवे मनवे च विवेदिथ |
मन्दानो अस्य बर्हिषो वि राजसि
English:- Wherewith thou also foundest lights for Āyu and for Manu's sake:
Now joying in this sacred grass thou beamest forth.

तदद्या चित त उक्थिनो.अनु षटुवन्ति पूर्वथा |
वर्षपत्नीरपो जया दिवे-दिवे
English:- This day too singers of the hymn praise, as of old, this might of thine:
Win thou the waters day by day, thralls of the strong.

तव तयदिन्द्रियं बर्हत तव शुष्ममुत करतुम |
वज्रं शिशाति धिषणा वरेण्यम
English:- That lofty Indra-power of thine, thy strength and thine intelligence,
Thy thunderbolt for which we long, the wish makes keen.

तव दयौरिन्द्र पौंस्यं पर्थिवी वर्धति शरवः |
तवामापः पर्वतासश्च हिन्विरे
English:- O Indra, Heaven and Earth augment thy manly power and thy renown;
The waters and thy mountains stir and urge thee on.

तवां विष्णुर्ब्र्हन कषयो मित्रो गर्णाति वरुणः |
तवांशर्धो मदत्यनु मारुतम
English:- Viṣṇu the lofty ruling Power, Varuṇa, Mitra sing thy praise:
In thee the Marut3' company have great delight.

तवं वर्षा जनानां मंहिष्ठ इन्द्र जज्ञिषे |
सत्रा विश्वा सवपत्यानि दधिषे
English:- O Indra, thou wast born the Lord of men, most liberal of thy gifts:
Excellent deeds for evermore are all thine own.

सत्रा तवं पुरुष्टुत एको वर्त्राणि तोशसे |
नान्य इन्द्रात्करणं भूय इन्वति
English:- Ever, alone, O highly-praised, thou sendest Vṛtras to their rest:
None else than Indra executes the mighty deed.

यदिन्द्र मन्मशस्त्वा नाना हवन्त ऊतये |
अस्माकेभिर्न्र्भिरत्रा सवर्जय
English:- Though here and there, in varied hymns, Indra, men call on thee for aid,
Still with our heroes fight and win the light of heaven.

अरं कषयाय नो महे विश्वा रूपाण्याविशन |
इन्द्रं जैत्राय हर्षया शचीपतिम
English:- Already have all forms of him entered our spacious dwelling-place:
For victory stir thou Indra, up, the Lord of Might.