Book 8 >> HYMN 45 - Indra

आ घा ये अग्निमिन्धते सत्र्णन्ति बर्हिरानुषक |
येषामिन्द्रो युवा सखा
English:- . HITHERWARD! they who light flame and straightway trim the sacred grass.
Whose Friend is Indra ever young.

बर्हन्निदिध्म एषां भूरि शस्तं पर्थुः सवरुः |
येषामिन्द्रो युवा सखा
English:- High is their fuel, great their laud, wide is their splinter from the stake,
Whose Friend is Indra ever young.

अयुद्ध इद युधा वर्तं शूर आजति सत्वभिः |
येषामिन्द्रो युवा सखा
English:- Unequalled in fight the hero leads his army with the warrior chiefs.
Whose Friend is Indra ever young.

आ बुन्दं वर्त्रहा ददे जातः पर्छद वि मातरम |
क उग्राः के ह शर्ण्विरे
English:- The new-born Vṛtra-slayer asked his Mother, as he seized his shaft,
Who are the fierce? Who are renowned?

परति तवा शवसी वदद गिरावप्सो न योधिषत |
यस्ते शत्रुत्वमाचके
English:- Śavasī answered, He who seeks thine enmity will battle like
A stately elephant on a hill.

उत तवं मघवञ्छ्र्णु यस्ते वष्टि ववक्षि तत |
यद वीळयासि वीळु तत
English:- And hear, O Maghavan; to him who craves of thee thou grantest all
Whate'er thou makest firm is firm.

यदाजिं यात्याजिक्र्दिन्द्रः सवश्वयुरुप |
रथीतमो रथीनाम
English:- What time the Warrior Indra goes to battle, borne by noble steeds,
Best of all charioteers is he.

वि षु विश्वा अभियुजो वज्रिन विष्वग यथा वर्ह |
भवा नः सुश्रवस्तमः
English:- Repel, O Thunder-armed, in all directions all attacks on us:
And be our own most glorious God.

अस्माकं सु रथं पुर इन्द्रः कर्णोतु सातये |
न यं धूर्वन्ति धूर्तयः
English:- May Indra set our car in front, in foremost Place to win the spoil,
He whom the wicked injure not.

वर्ज्याम ते परि दविषो.अरं ते शक्र दावने |
English:- Thine enmity may we escape, and, Śakra, for thy bounty, rich
In kine, may we come near to thee

शनैश्चिद यन्तो अद्रिवो.अश्वावन्तः शतग्विनः |
विवक्षणा अनेहसः
English:- Softly approaching, Thunder-armed wealthy by hundreds, rich in steeds,
Unrivalled, ready with our gifts.

ऊर्ध्वा हि ते दिवे-दिवे सहस्रा सून्र्ता शता |
English:- For thine exalted excellence gives to thy worshippers each day
Hundreds and thousands of thy boons.

विद्मा हि तवा धनंजयमिन्द्र दर्ळ्हा चिदारुजम |
आदारिणं यथा गयम
English:- Indra, we know thee breaker-down even of strong forts, winner of spoil,
As one who conquers wealth for us.

ककुहं चित तवा कवे मन्दन्तु धर्ष्णविन्दवः |
आ तवा पणिं यदीमहे
English:- Though thou art highest, Sage and Bold! let the drops cheer thee when we come
To thee as to a trafficker.

यस्ते रेवानदाशुरिः परममर्ष मघत्तये |
तस्य नो वेद आ भर
English:- Bring unto us the treasure of the opulent man who, loth to give,
Hath slighted thee for gain of wealth.

इम उ तवा वि चक्षते सखाय इन्द्र सोमिनः |
पुष्टावन्तो यथा पशुम
English:- Indra, these friends of ours, supplied with Soma, wait and look to thee,
As men with fodder to the herd.

उत तवाबधिरं वयं शरुत्कर्णं सन्तमूतये |
दूरादिह हवामहे
English:- And thee who art not deaf, whose cars are quick to listen, for our aid,
We call to us from far away.

यच्छुश्रूया इमं हवं दुर्मर्षं चक्रिया उत |
भवेरापिर्नो अन्तमः
English:- When thou hast listened, make our call one which thou never wilt forget,
And be our very nearest Friend.

यच्चिद धि ते अपि वयथिर्जगन्वांसो अमन्महि |
गोदा इदिन्द्र बोधि नः
English:- When even now, when we have been in trouble, we have thought of thee,
O Indra, give us gifts of kine.

आ तवा रम्भं न जिव्रयो ररभ्मा शवसस पते |
उश्मसि तवा सधस्थ आ
English:- O Lord of Strength, we rest on thee, as old men rest upon a staff:
We long to have. thee dwell with us.

सतोत्रमिन्द्राय गायत पुरुन्र्म्णाय सत्वने |
नकिर्यं वर्ण्वते युधि
English:- To Indra sing a song of praise, Hero of mighty valour, him
Whom no one challenges to war.

अभि तवा वर्षभा सुते सुतं सर्जामि पीतये |
तर्म्पा वयश्नुही मदम
English:- Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the juice for thee to drink:
Sate thee and finish thy carouse.

मा तवा मूरा अविष्यवो मोपहस्वान आ दभन |
माकीं बरह्मद्विषो वनः
English:- Let not the fools, or those who mock beguile thee when they seek thine aid
Love not the enemies of prayer.

इह तवा गोपरीणसा महे मन्दन्तु राधसे |
सरो गौरो यथा पिब
English:- Here let them with rich milky draught cheer thee to great munificence:
Drink as the wild-bull drinks the lake.

या वर्त्रहा परावति सना नवा च चुच्युवे |
ता संसत्सुप्र वोचत
English:- Proclaim in our assemblies what deeds, new and ancient, far away,
The Vṛtra-slayer hath achieved.

अपिबत कद्रुवः सुतमिन्द्रः सहस्रबाह्वे |
अत्रादेदिष्ट पौंस्यम
English:- In battle of a thousand arms Indra drank Kadrū's Soma juice:
There he displayed his manly might.

सत्यं तत तुर्वशे यदौ विदानो अह्नवाय्यम |
वयानट तुर्वणे शमि
English:- True undeniable strength he found in Yadu and in Turvaśa,
And conquered through the sacrifice.

तरणिं वो जनानां तरदं वाजस्य गोमतः |
समानमु पर शंसिषम
English:- Him have I magnified, our Lord in, common, Guardian of your folk,
Discloser of great wealth in kine;

रभुक्षणं न वर्तव उक्थेषु तुग्र्याव्र्धम |
इन्द्रं सोमेसचा सुते
English:- Ṛbhukṣan, not to be restrained, who strengthened Tugra's son in lauds,
Indra beside the flowing juice;

यः कर्न्तदिद वि योन्यं तरिशोकाय गिरिं पर्थुम |
गोभ्यो गातुं निरेतवे
English:- Who for Triśoka clave the hill that formed a wide receptacle,
So that the cows might issue forth.

यद दधिषे मनस्यसि मन्दानः परेदियक्षसि |
मा तत करिन्द्र मर्ळय
English:- Whate'er thy plan or purpose be, whate'er, in transport, thou wouldst do,
Do it not, Indra, but be kind.

दभ्रं चिद धि तवावतः कर्तं शर्ण्वे अधि कषमि |
जिगात्विन्द्र ते मनः
English:- But little hath been heard of done upon the earth by one like thee i
Let thine heart, Indra, turn to us.

तवेदु ताः सुकीर्तयो.असन्नुत परशस्तयः |
यदिन्द्र मर्ळयासि नः
English:- Thine then shall be this high renown, thine shall these lofty praises be,
When, Indra, thou art kind to us.

मा न एकस्मिन्नागसि मा दवयोरुत तरिषु |
वधीर्मा शूर भूरिषु
English:- Not for one trespass, not for two, O Hero, slay us, nor for three,
Nor yet for many trespasses.

बिभया हि तवावत उग्रादभिप्रभङगिणः |
English:- I fear one powerful like thee, the crusher-down of enemies,
Mighty, repelling all attacks.

मा सख्युः शूनमा विदे मा पुत्रस्य परभूवसो |
आव्र्त्वद भूतु ते मनः
English:- O wealthy God, ne'er may I live to see my friend or son in need:
Hitherward let thy heart be turned.

को नु मर्या अमिथितः सखा सखायमब्रवीत |
जहा को अस्मदीषते
English:- What friend, O people, unprovoked, hath ever said unto a friend,
He turns and leaves us in distress?

एवारे वर्षभा सुते.असिन्वन भूर्यावयः |
शवघ्नीव निवता चरन
English:- Hero, insatiate enjoy this Soma juice so near to thee,
Even as a hunter rushing down.

आ त एता वचोयुजा हरी गर्भ्णे सुमद्रथा |
यदीं बरह्मभ्य इद ददः
English:- Hither I draw those Bays of thine yoked
by our hymn, with splendid car,
That thou mayst give unto the priests.

भिन्धि विश्वा अप दविषः परि बाधो जही मर्धः |
वसुस्पार्हं तदा भर
English:- Drive all our enemies away, smite down the foes who press around,
And bring the wealth for which we long:

यद वीळाविन्द्र यत सथिरे यत पर्शाने पराभ्र्तम |
वसुस्पार्हं तदा भर
English:- O Indra, that which is concealed in strong firm place precipitous:
Bring us the wealth for which we long

यस्य ते विश्वमानुषो भूरेर्दत्तस्य वेदति |
वसु सपार्हं तदा भर
English:- Great riches which the world of men shall recognize as sent by thee:
Bring us the wealth for which we long.