Book 8 >> HYMN 84 - Indra

परेष्ठं वो अतिथिं सतुषे मित्रमिव परियम |
अग्निं रथं न वेद्यम
English:- . SONG-LOVER! like a charioteer come songs to thee when Soma flows.
O Indra, they have called to thee as mother-kine unto their calves.

कविमिव परचेतसं यं देवासो अध दविता |
नि मर्त्येष्वादधुः
English:- Bright juices bitherward have sped thee, Indra, Lover of the Song.
Drink, Indra, of this flowing sap: in every house 'tis set for thee.

तवं यविष्ठ दाशुषो नॄन पाहि शर्णुधी गिरः |
रक्षा तोकमुत तमना
English:- Drink Soma to inspirit thee, juice, Indra, which the Falcon brought:
For thou art King and Sovran Lord of all the families of men.

कया ते अग्ने अङगिर ऊर्जो नपादुपस्तुतिम |
वराय देव मन्यवे
English:- O Indra, hear Tirasci's call, the call of him who serveth thee.
Satisfy him with wealth of kine and valiant offspring: Great art thou.

दाशेम कस्य मनसा यज्ञस्य सहसो यहो |
कदु वोच इदंनमः
English:- For he, O Indra, hath produced for thee the newest gladdening song,
A hymn that springs from careful thought, ancient, and full of sacred truth.

अधा तवं हि नस करो विश्वा अस्मभ्यं सुक्षितीः |
वाजद्रविणसो गिरः
English:- That Indra will we laud whom songs and hymns of praise have magnified.
Striving to win, we celebrate his many deeds of hero might.

कस्य नूनं परीणसो धियो जिन्वसि दम्पते |
गोषाता यस्यते गिरः
English:- Come now and let us glorify pure Indra with pure Sāma hymns.
Let the pure milky draught delight him strengthened by pure songs of praise.

तं मर्जयन्त सुक्रतुं पुरोयावानमाजिषु |
सवेषु कषयेषुवाजिनम
English:- O Indra, come thou pure to us, with pure assistance, pure thyself.
Pure, send thou riches down to us, and, meet for Soma, pure, be glad.

कषेति कषेमेभिः साधुभिर्नकिर्यं घनन्ति हन्ति यः |
अग्ने सुवीर एधते
English:- O Indra, pure, vouchsafe us wealth, and, pure, enrich the worshipper.
Pure, thou dost strike the Vṛtras dead, and strivest, pure, to win the spoil.