Purvarcika-Chapter 1 >> Section 10

ओ३म् सोम राजानं वरुणमग्निमन्वारभामहे।
आदित्यं विष्णु सूर्यं ब्रह्मानं च बृहस्पतिम्॥९१
English:- We invoke adore brilliant Soma, Varuna, exhilarating spirit of peace and justice for protection and progress, Agni, spirit of light and warmth of life, with holy words and songs of devotion. We invoke and adore the Adityas, brilliant powers of enlightenment, Vishnu, lord omniscient and omnipresent awareness, Surya, self-refulgent divine source of light, Brahma, Divine and the sage of divinity, and Brhaspati, Lord Infinite and the scholar visionary of divinity. (Rigved 10- 141-3)
ओ३म् इत एत उदारुहन्दिव पृष्ठान्या रुहन्।
प्र भूर्जयो यथा पथोद्यामङ्गिरसो ययुः॥९२
English:- Just as winners of the earth march forward by paths of freedom so do these adventurers of the spirit rise from here by stages to the heights of heaven and reach the realm of freedom and divine bliss in Moksha.
ओ३म् राये अग्ने महे त्वा दानाय समिधीमहि।
ईडिष्वा हि महे वृषं द्यावा होत्राय पृथिवी॥९३
English:- Agni, divinity self-refulgent and omnificent, we kindle the yajna fire together for the gift of great wealth, power and excellence. O generous lord of showers, pray inspire, energise and fertilise heaven and earth with abundance of food and energy so that we may continue the yajnic process of creation and production.
ओ३म् दधन्वे वा यदीमनु वोचद्ब्रह्मेति वेरु तत्।
परि विश्वानि काव्या नेमिश्चक्रमिवाभुवत्॥९४
English:- He holds and controls the waters of life, and He reveals the universal knowledge of existence, the Veda. And He knows that world of existence and comprehends the cosmic system and its working. Thus He holds and controls its working just as the centre-hold of the wheel and the rim hold the structure and control the movement of the wheel. (Rigved 2-5-3)
ओ३म् प्रत्यग्ने हरसा हर शृणाहि विश्वतस्परि।
यातुधानस्य रक्षसो बलं न्युब्जवीर्यम्॥९५
English:- Agni, universal spirit of light and fire, creator, protector and destroyer, refulgent ruler of nature, life and society, with your love and passion for life and goodness and with your wrath against evil, sabotage and negativity, seize, cripple and all round destroy the strength, vigour, valour and resistance of the negative and destructive forces of evil and wickedness, lurking, working and persisting in nature, life and society. Save the good and destroy the demons. (Rigved 10-87-25)
ओ३म् त्वमग्ने वसूरिह रुद्रा आदित्या उत।
यजा स्वध्वरं जनं मनुजातं घृतप्रुषम्॥९६
English:- Agni, lord of light and knowledge, sagely scholar of wisdom and piety, bring together into this yajna of love and non-violence the people, children of reflective humanity, who sprinkle the vedi with holy water and offer ghee into the fire. Bring together the celibate scholars of twenty four, thirty six and forty eight years discipline and perform yajna in honour of the Vasus, eight abodes of life in nature, Rudras, eleven vitalities of life, and Adityas, twelve phases of the yearly round of the sun. (Rigved 1-45-1)