Purvarcika-Chapter 1 >> Section 11

ओ३म् पुरु त्वा दाशिवा वोचेऽरिरग्ने तव स्विदा।
तोदस्येव शरण आ महस्य॥९७
English:- Faithful and dedicated, giving in homage, I sing profusely in honour and celebration of you, and come in to you for shelter and protection, Agni, lord of light as the sun, great and glorious. (Rigved 1-150-1)
ओ३म् प्र होत्रे पूर्व्यं वचोऽग्नये भरता बृहत्।
विपां ज्योतीषि बिभ्रते न वेधसे॥९८
English:- O wise saints and scholars, just as you offer fragrant oblations to Agni, lord ordainer of the world who wields the wide spaces and bears the lights of brilliant stars inspired with the spirit of divinity, so offer the gift of the supreme eternal voice of Divinity to the yajamana performer who bears in faith the lights of inspired sages. (Rigved 3-10-5)
ओ३म् अग्ने वाजस्य गोमत ईशानः सहसो यहो।
अस्मे देहि जातवेदो महि श्रव॥९९
English:- Agni, lord of the knowledge of existence, creator and ruler of food, energy and wealths of life and lord of cows and sunbeams, child of omnipotence, bring us the brilliance of knowledge and great splendour of life's victories. (Rigved 1-79-4)
ओ३म् अग्ने यजिष्ठो अध्वरे देवां देवयते यज।
होता मन्द्रो वि राजस्यति स्रिध॥१००
English:- Agni, in the yajna, creative programme of love and non-violence, you are the most adorable. Bring the devas, holy divinities, for the yajamana who loves to be with the divinities. You are the giver and performer, happy giver of happiness, over-shining and over- winning the stingy and selfish uncreators. (Rigved 3-10-7)
ओ३म् जज्ञान सप्त मातृभिर्मेधामाशासत श्रिये।
अयं ध्रुवो रयीणां चिकेतदा॥१०१
English:- Seven measured motherly orders of existence at the material, pranic and psychic level join, reveal and celebrate Soma manifesting in beauty and glory, this constant unmoved mover who, being omnipresent and pervasive, knows of the wealth and sublimity of the universe. (Rigved 9-102-4)
ओ३म् उत स्या नो दिवा मतिरदितिरूत्यागमत्।
सा शन्ताता मयस्करदप स्रिध॥१०२
English:- May that beneficent intelligence of the light of divine Mother Nature come to us day by day with her protective faculties, do us good and ward off errors, obstructions, negative values and misbeliefs. (Rigved 8- 18-7)
ओ३म् ईडिष्वा हि प्रतीव्याँ३ यजस्व जातवेदसम्।
English:- Study, celebrate and by yajna develop the fire divine, direct, immanent and omnipresent energy, versatile power whose smoke rises freely and whose light of flame no one comprehends, no one can obstruct. (Rigved 8-23-1)
ओ३म् न तस्य मायया च न रिपुरीशीत मर्त्य।
यो अग्नये ददाश हव्यदातये॥१०४
English:- Whoever offers homage to Agni with sacred oblations into the holy fire is safe, no mortal enemy even with the worst of his fraudulent power or sorcery can prevail over him or his home. (Rigved 8-23-15)
ओ३म् अप त्यं वृजिन रिपु स्तेनमग्ने दुराध्यम्।
दविष्ठमस्य सत्पते कृधी सुगम्॥१०५
English:- Agni, O divine leader, cast away that crooked thief, that strenuous enemy, far from the path of the aspirant. O protector and promoter of the good and the true, make it easy for him to follow the course simple and straight. (Rigved 6-51-13)
ओ३म् श्रुष्ट्यग्ने नवस्य मे स्तोमस्य वीर विश्पते।
नि मायिनस्तपसा रक्षसो दह॥१०६
English:- Mighty brave Agni, lord of the people, saving spirit of life, hearing my new song of praise and prayer, burn off the destructive wiles of the evil forces with your heat. (Rigved 8-23-14)