Purvarcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 13

ओ३म् अभि त्वा शूर नोनुमोऽदुग्धा इव धेनव।
ईशानमस्य जगतः स्वर्दृशमीशानमिन्द्र तस्थुष॥२३३
English:- O lord almighty, we adore you and wait for your blessings as lowing cows not yet milked wait for the master. Indra, lord of glory, you are ruler of the moving world and you are ruler of the unmoving world and your vision is bliss. (Rigved 7-32-22)
ओ३म् त्वामिद्धि हवामहे सातौ वाजस्य कारव।
त्वां वृत्रेष्विन्द्र सत्पतिं नरस्त्वां काष्ठास्वर्वतः॥२३४
English:- Indra, lord of power and advancement, you alone we invoke and call upon for acquisition of food, energy, honour, excellence and progress. All of us, leading people, makers, poets, artists, artisans and architects of the nation, fast advancing in all directions, invoke and exhort you, protector and promoter of universal truth and values in human struggles for light, goodness and generosity, and the wealth of life. (Rigved 6-46-1)
ओ३म् अभि प्र व सुराधसमिन्द्रमर्च यथा विदे।
यो जरितृभ्यो मघवा पुरूवसु सहस्रेणेव शिक्षति॥२३५
English:- To the best of your intention and purpose and for whatever you wish to achieve, pray to Indra, lord of glory, world power and promotion and means of success, who gives a thousandfold wealth, honour and excellence to his celebrants. (Rigved 8-49-1)
ओ३म् तं वो दस्ममृतीषहं वसोर्मन्दानमन्धसः।
अभि वत्सं न स्वसरेषु धेनव इन्द्रं गीर्भिर्नवामहे॥२३६
English:- We invoke and call upon Indra eagerly as cows call for their calves in the stalls, and with songs of adoration over night and day we glorify him, lord glorious, omnipotent power fighting for truth against evil forces, and exhilarated with the bright soma of worship offered by celebrant humanity. (Rigved 8-88-1)
ओ३म् तरोभिर्वो विदद्वसुमिन्द्र सबाध ऊतये।
बृहद्गायन्तः सुतसोमे अध्वरे हुवे भरं न कारिणम्॥२३७
English:- In the yajna of love and non-violence where everything is perfect and soma is distilled, I invoke Indra like Abundance itself, giver of wealth, honour and fulfilment. Singing songs of adoration with energy and enthusiasm for your protection and progress, O devotees, celebrate Indra who brings wealth, honour and excellence at the earliest by fastest means. (Rigved 8-66-1)
ओ३म् तरणिरित्सिषासति वाजं पुरन्ध्या युजा।
आ व इन्द्रं पुरुहूतं नमे गिरा नेमिं तष्टेव सुद्रुवम्॥२३८
English:- Only the saviour, a person of dynamic will and action joined in the soul with a controlled and dedicated mind, would share wealth and knowledge with the people and distribute it over the deserving. With words of prayer I bow to Indra, the ruler invoked by you all and draw his attention to you just like the carpenter bending flexible wood round as felly of the wheel. (The lord is flexible too, his heart melts with sympathy for the people.) (Rigved 7-32-20)
ओ३म् पिबा सुतस्य रसिनो मत्स्वा न इन्द्र गोमतः।
आपिर्नो बोधि सधमाद्ये वृधे३ऽस्मा अवन्तु ते धिय॥२३९
English:- Indra, resplendent and mighty, karma yogi, great performer, come and have a drink of our delicious festive soma distilled and mixed with milk and cream, share the ecstasy, enlighten us, your own people, for progress and prosperity, and may your thoughts and wisdom protect, promote and guide us in life. (Rigved 8-3-1)
ओ३म् त्व ह्येहि चेरवे विदा भगं वसुत्तये।
उद्वावृषस्व मघवन्गविष्टय उदिन्द्राश्वमिष्टये॥२४०
English:- Come to give gifts of wealth and honour to the devotee so that the people may be happy and prosperous. O lord of honour and majesty, Indra, bring us showers of the wealth of cows, lands, knowledge and culture for the seekers of light, and horses, advancement and achievement for the seekers of progress. (Rigved 8-61-7)
ओ३म् न हि वश्चरमं च न वसिष्ठः परिमसते।
अस्माकमद्य मरुत सुते सचा विश्वे पिबन्तु कामिन॥२४१
English:- O Maruts, vibrant givers of light and energy, leading lights of humanity, the celebrated sage best settled and giver of settlement mentally and spiritually does not ignore or neglect even the last of you but honours you all. O lovers and benefactors of the nation, come today now itself, join and enjoy the delicious taste of our achievement in your honour in the structure and order of a great society. (Rigved 7-59-3)
ओ३म् मा चिदन्यद्वि शसत सखायो मा रिषण्यत।
इन्द्रमित्स्तोता वृषण सचा सुते मुहुरुक्था च शसत॥२४२
English:- O friends, do not worship any other but One, be firm, never remiss, worship only Indra, sole lord absolute, omnipotent and infinitely generous, and when you have realised the bliss of the lord's presence, sing songs of divine adoration spontaneously, profusely, again and again. (Rigved 8-1-1)