Purvarcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 14

ओ३म् न किष्टं कर्मणा नशद्यश्चकार सदावृधम्।
इन्द्रं न यज्ञैर्विश्वगूर्तमृभ्वसमधृष्टं धृष्णुमोजसा॥२४३
English:- No one can equal merely by action, much less hurt even by yajnas, that person who has won the favour and grace of Indra, lord divine who is rising as well as raising his devotees high, who is universally adored, universal genius, redoubtable and invincibly illustrious by his own essential power. (Rigved 8-70-3)
ओ३म् य ऋते चिदभिश्रिष पुरा जत्रुभ्य आतृद।
सन्धाता सन्धिं मघवा पुरूवसुर्निष्कर्ता विह्रुतं पुन॥२४४
English:- Indra is that vibrant immanent lord of unbounded natural health and assertive life energy who, without piercing and without ligatures, provides for the original jointure of the series of separate vertebrae and collar bones and then, later, heals and sets the same back into healthy order if they get dislocated or fractured. (Rigved 8-1-12)
ओ३म् आ त्वा सहस्रमा शतं युक्ता रथे हिरण्यये।
ब्रह्मयुजो हरय इन्द्र केशिनो वहन्तु सोमपीतये॥२४५
English:- May the hundreds and thousands of forces of nature and humanity harnessed to the golden chariot of the universe, radiant with light and dedicated to divinity, invoke and invite you hither into the heart so that we may experience the bliss of divine presence. (Rigved 8-1-24)
ओ३म् आ मन्द्रैरिन्द्र हरिभिर्याहि मयूररोमभिः।
मा त्वा के चिन्नि येमुरिन्न पाशिनोऽति धन्वेव ता इहि॥२४६
English:- Indra, lord of honour and excellence, come by the rays of light, beautiful and colourful as the feathers of the peacock. May none, as fowlers ensnare birds, catch you. Outskirt the fowlers as a rainbow and come. (Rigved 3-45-1)
ओ३म् त्वमङ्ग प्र श सिषो देव शविष्ठ मर्त्यम्।
न त्वदन्यो मघवन्नस्ति मर्डितेन्द्र ब्रवीमि ते वच॥२४७
English:- Anga, dear friend, Indra, dear and saviour, giver of joy, omnipotent lord, self-refulgent and omniscient, reveal the truth for mortal humanity. Lord of universal wealth, none other than you is the giver of peace and bliss. I speak the very word of yours in covenant. (Rigved 1-84-19)
ओ३म् त्वमिन्द्र यशा अस्यृजीषी शवसस्पति।
त्वं वृत्राणि ह स्यप्रतीन्येक इत्पुर्वनुत्तश्चर्षणीधृति॥२४८
English:- Indra, lord all powerful, ruler of the world, yours is the honour, yours is the creation of wealth and joy. All by yourself, unsubdued, you eliminate irresistible forms of evil and darkness by the power you wield for the people. (Rigved 8-90-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्रमिद्देवतातय इन्द्रं प्रयत्यध्वरे।
इन्द्र समीके वनिनो हवामह इन्द्रं धनस्य सातये॥२४९
English:- We invoke Indra for our programmes of natural and environmental development. We invite Indra when the yajna of development is inaugurated. Lovers and admirers dedicated to him, we pray for his grace in our struggles of life, and we solicit his favour and guidance for the achievement of wealth, honour and excellence. (Rigved 8-3-5)
ओ३म् इमा उ त्वा पुरूवसो गिरो वर्धन्तु या मम।
पावकवर्णा शुचयो विपश्चितोऽभि स्तोमैरनूषत॥२५०
English:- O lord of universal wealth, O shelter home of the world, may these words of my divine adoration please you and exalt you. The saints and sages of vision and wisdom and fiery heat and purity of light adore you with songs of celebration. (Rigved 8-3-3)
ओ३म् उदु त्ये मधुमत्तमा गिर स्तोमास ईरते।
सत्राजितो धनसा अक्षितोतयो वाजयन्तो रथा इव॥२५१
English:- The sweetest of honeyed songs of praise and vibrations of homage rise to you flying like victorious, unviolated and invincible chariots laden with gold heading for higher destinations. (Rigved 8-3-15)
ओ३म् यथा गौरो अपा कृतं तृष्यन्नेत्यवेरिणम्।
आपित्वे न प्रपित्वे तूयमा गहि कण्वेषु सु सचा पिब॥२५२
English:- Just as a thirsty stag in the desert rushes to a pool full of water so, O friend in family of the wise, come morning, come evening, come fast and drink the soma of love and reverence in joy. (Rigved 8-4-3)