Purvarcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 15

ओ३म् शग्ध्यू३षु शचीपत इन्द्र विश्वाभिरूतिभि।
भगं न हि त्वा यशसं वसुविदमनु शूर चरामसि॥२५३
English:- Indra, lord of omnipotent action and infinitely various victories, with all powers, protections and inspirations, strengthen and energise us for excellent works without delay. As the very honour, splendour and treasure-home of the universe, O potent and heroic lord, we live in pursuit of your glory to justify our existence and win our destiny. (Rigved 8-61-5)
ओ३म् या इन्द्र भुज आभर स्वर्वा असुरेभ्यः।
स्तोतारमिन्मघवन्नस्य वर्धय ये च त्वे वृक्तबर्हिषः॥२५४
English:- Indra, lord of bliss and omnipotence, the food, energy and vitality which you bear and bring from the sources of pranic energy such as sun, air, cloud and cosmic intelligence is great and admirable. O lord of power and glory, pray advance the devotees who appreciate, develop and celebrate this energy and spread the holy grass of yajna in gratitude to you, offer homage to you and develop your gifts. (Rigved 8-97-1)
ओ३म् प्र मित्राय प्रार्यम्णे सचथ्यमृतावसो।
वरूथ्ये३ वरुणे छन्द्यं वच स्तोत्र राजसु गायत॥२५५
English:- O lover of truth and eternal laws and values of cosmic truth, sing together, sing in the home and sing on joyous occasions collective, homely and celebrative songs in honour of Mitra, lord of love and universal friendship, Aryaman, lord of the paths of rectitude, and Varuna, lord of judgement and wisdom. Sing hymns of adoration for all the refulgent divinities. (Rigved 8-101-5)
ओ३म् अभि त्वा पूर्वपीतय इन्द्र स्तोमेभिरायव।
समीचीनास ऋभव समस्वरन्रुद्रा गृणन्त पूर्व्यम्॥२५६
English:- Indra, men in general, learned experts of vision and wisdom, illustrious powers of law and order, and fighting warriors of defence and protection all together, raising a united voice of praise, prayer and appreciation, with songs of holiness and acts of piety, invoke and invite you, ancient, nearest and most excellent lord of power and lustre, to inaugurate their yajnic celebration of the soma session of peaceful and exciting programme of development. (Rigved 8-3-7)
ओ३म् प्र व इन्द्राय बृहते मरुतो ब्रह्मार्चत।
वृत्र हनति वृत्रहा शतक्रतुर्वज्रेण शतपर्वणा॥२५७
English:- O Maruts, vibrant brilliant leaders of humanity, worship Indra, lord omnipotent beyond all bounds, and study the divine powers immanent in nature, with hymns of Vedic adoration. He is the destroyer of evil, dispels darkness and ignorance, and destroys the negative uncreative forces with his thunderbolt of hundredfold power. (Rigved 8-89-3)
ओ३म् बृहदिन्द्राय गायत मरुतो वृत्रहन्तमम्।
येन ज्योतिरजनयन्नृतावृधो देवं देवाय जागृवि॥२५८
English:- O Maruts, vibrant leaders of humanity in knowledge and action, sing the resounding songs of Sama which, like the sun, dispel the darkness and eliminate evil, the same by which the sagely servants of eternal law and cosmic yajna in the service of God vitalise, recreate and extend that divine inextinguishable light of life which is ever awake in the world of existence. (Rigved 8-89-1)
ओ३म् इन्द्र क्रतुं न आ भर पिता पुत्रेभ्यो यथा।
शिक्षा णो अस्मिन्पुरुहूत यामनि जीवा ज्योतिरशीमहि॥२५९
English:- Bring us the divine vision, will and intelligence as father does for his children. O lord universally invoked and worshipped, instruct us as a teacher at this present time so that we, ordinary souls, may have the new light of life and living experience of Divinity. (Rigved 7-32-26)
ओ३म् मा न इन्द्र परा वृणग्भवा नः सधमाद्ये।
त्वं न ऊती त्वमिन्न आप्यं मा न इन्द्र परा वृणक्॥२६०
English:- Indra, lord supreme of truth, goodness and beauty, pray forsake us not, be with us as a friend in the great hall of life and joy, you are our protector, you alone are ultimately our end and aim worth attaining, pray do not forsake us. (Rigved 8-97-7)
ओ३म् वयं घ त्वा सुतावन्त आपो न वृक्तबर्हिषः।
पवित्रस्य प्रस्रवणेषु वृत्रहन्परि स्तोतार आसते॥२६१
English:- Indra, destroyer of evil, darkness and suffering, we, your celebrants, having distilled the soma, spread and occupied the holy grass, we, sit and wait on the vedi for your presence in the flux of life as holy performers, while the flow of pure immortality continues all round in the dynamics of existence. (Rigved 8-33-1)
ओ३म् यदिन्द्र नाहुषीष्वा ओजो नृम्णं च कृष्टिषु।
यद्वा पञ्च क्षितीनां द्युम्नमा भर सत्रा विश्वानि पौस्या॥२६२
English:- Indra, ruler of the world, whatever the lustre and splendour in humanity across history, whatever the power and wealth among communities, whatever the virtue and quality in the five elements of nature or lands of the earth, or whatever the strength and vigour of the world of existence, you bear and symbolise all that. Pray, O lord, bear and bring us all that. (Rigved 6-46-7)