Purvarcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 19

ओ३म् इम इन्द्राय सुन्विरे सोमासो दध्याशिरः।
ता आ मदाय वज्रहस्त पीतये हरिभ्यां याह्योक आ॥२९३
English:- These somas of the nation's honour and excellence energised by the ferment of inspiration and enthusiasm have been distilled to celebrate the dignity and majesty of the land and the ruler Indra. O lord wielder of the thunderbolt, come to our hall of fame for the joy of a drink of them. Come fast by the chariot drawn by horses of the winds. (Rigved 7-32-4)
ओ३म् इम इन्द्र मदाय ते सोमाश्चिकित्र उक्थिन।
मधो पपान उप नो गिर शृणु रास्व स्तोत्राय गिर्वणः॥२९४
English:- Indra, adorable lord of knowledge, these some sanatives of the celebrant are for your joyous appreciation and acceptance. Pray listen to our voice of submission, taste, evaluate and promote this honey sweet of soma, and bless the celebrant with ample reward.
ओ३म् आ त्वा३द्य सबर्दुघा हुवे गायत्रवेपसम्।
इन्द्रं धेनु सुदुघामन्यामिषमुरुधारामरङ्कृतम्॥२९५
English:- Today I invoke Indra, I invoke the motherly spirit of the universe, giver of total fulfilment of the heart's desire, pleased and stirred by the chant of Gayatri songs of adoration, omnipotent and omnificent, generous as Mother Nature, giver of ample gifts beyond the earth and the earthly cow, harbinger of showers of the cherished nectar milk of life, all blissful and gracious. (Rigved 8-1-10)
ओ३म् न त्वा बृहन्तो अद्रयो वरन्त इन्द्र वीडव।
यच्छिक्षसि स्तुवते मावते वसु न किष्टदा मिनाति ते॥२९६
English:- Not the mighty fixed mountains can restrain you, Indra, generous lord, when you come to give wealth to a celebrant like me. No one can stop and frustrate your will. (Rigved 8-88-3)
ओ३म् क ईं वेद सुते सचा पिबन्तं कद्वयो दधे।
अयं यः पुरो विभिनत्योजसा मन्दान शिप्र्यन्धसः॥२९७
English:- Who would for certain know Indra in this created world of beauty and glory, how much power and force he wields while he rules and sustains it, Indra who wears the helmet and breaks down the strongholds of negativities with his lustrous might, the lord who shares and enjoys the soma of his own creation? (Rigved 8-33-7)
ओ३म् यदिन्द्र शासो अव्रतं च्यावया सदसस्परि।
अस्माकमशुं मघवन्पुरुस्पृहं वसव्ये अधि बर्हय॥२९८
English:- Indra, ruler of the commonwealth, as you are ruler of the law and keeper of the discipline of creativity and yajnic production, pray remove from the house of yajna the person who cannot observe the discipline and does not keep the pace of creativity and contribution. O lord of power and wealth, advance and on top promote our soma sanative of universal value and interest for the peace, progress and affluence of the nation.
ओ३म् त्वष्टा नो दैव्यं वच पर्जन्यो ब्रह्मणस्पति।
पुत्रैर्भ्रातृभिरदितिर्नु पातु नो दुष्टरं त्रामणं वच॥२९९
English:- May Tvashta, divine spirit of natural evolution of forms and institutions, our divine Word, Parjanaya, soma showers of vitality, Brahmanaspati, sun and divine cosmic protection and inviolable mother Infinity alongwith our brothers and our progeny protect and justify our saviour and inviolable word of promise and resolution for the safety and security of life and the environment.
ओ३म् कदा चन स्तरीरसि नेन्द्र सश्चसि दाशुषे।
उपोपेन्नु मघवन्भूय इन्नु ते दानं देवस्य पृच्यते॥३००
English:- Never are you unfruitful, never uncharitable, you are always with the giver, closer and closer, more and more, again and again, O lord of wealth and honour, and the charity of divinity ever grows higher and promotes the giver. (Rigved 8-51-7)
ओ३म् युङ्क्ष्वा हि वृत्रहन्तम हरी इन्द्र परावत।
अर्वाचीनो मघवन्त्सोमपीतय उग्र ऋष्वेभिरा गहि॥३०१
English:- O greatest destroyer of darkness, Indra, omnipotent lord of glory and majesty, blazing ruler and controller of the world, take to the chariot, harness the fastest vital forces of radiance and come from the farthest to us right here and now, with brilliant and indefatigable powers of light, wisdom and bravery, to join us in the soma celebrations of our yajnic victory. (Rigved 8-3-17)
ओ३म् त्वामिदा ह्यो नरोऽपीप्यन्वज्रिन्भूर्णयः।
स इन्द्र स्तोमवाहस इह श्रुध्युप स्वसरमा गहि॥३०२
English:- Indra, lord of mind and soul, wielder of adamantine will and energy, zealous celebrants and leading lights serve and adore you today as ever before in the past. Thus adored and contemplated, listen to the prayers of the devotees in meditation, come and arise in your own abode of the sage's heart. (Rigved 8-99-1)