Purvarcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 23

ओ३म् त्यमू षु वाजिनं देवजूत सहोवानं तरुतार रथानाम्।
अरिष्टनेमिं पृतनाजमाशु स्वस्तये तार्क्ष्यमिहा हुवेम॥३३२
English:- For the sake of good and all round well being of life, we invoke and study that wind and electric energy of the middle regions which is fast and victorious, moved by divine nature, powerful, shaker of the clouds and energiser of sound waves, inviolable, war-like heroic and most dynamic, moving at the speed of energy. (Rigved10-178-1)
ओ३म् त्रातारमिन्द्रमवितारमिन्द्र हवेहवे सुहव शूरमिन्द्रम्।
हुवे नु शक्रं पुरुहूतमिन्द्रमिद हविर्मघवा वेत्विन्द्र॥३३३
English:- In every battle of life one after another, I invoke Indra, lord giver of wealth, honour and power, saviour Indra, protector Indra, brave Indra invoked with love and devotion, pure and powerful, universally invoked and adored. May Indra bring us the good life and all round well being. (Rigved 6-47-11)
ओ३म् यजामह इन्द्रं वज्रदक्षिण हरीणा रथ्या३विव्रतानाम्।
प्र श्मश्रुभिर्दोधुवदूर्ध्वधा भुवद्वि सेनाभिर्भयमानो वि राधसा॥३३४
English:- We join and adore Indra, lord of cosmic energy, who wields the thunder in his right hand and controls the versatile potentials of complementary currents of cosmic energy in the universal circuit, who with energy shakes the earthly vegetation, rises high, and with his forces and implicit potentials acts as catalytic agent and vests us with natural power and success in achievement. (Rigved 10-23-1)
ओ३म् सत्राहणं दाधृषिं तुम्रमिन्द्रं महामपारं वृशभ सुवज्रम्।
हन्ता यो वृत्र सनितोत वाजं दाता मघानि मघवा सुराधा॥३३५
English:- Accept, honour and exalt Indra, ruler of the world, destroyer of untruth by the rule of truth and righteousness, bold, inspiring, great, unbounded, mighty generous, wielder of the thunderbolt of law and force, who is destroyer of the dark cloud of evil and selfishness, provider of food, energy and advancement, giver of honour and excellence, magnanimous and all-ways successful achiever of glory. (Rigved 4-17-8)
ओ३म् यो नो वनुष्यन्नभिदाति मर्त उगणा वा मन्यमानस्तुरो वा।
क्षिधी युधा शवसा वा तमिन्द्राभी ष्याम वृषमणस्त्वोता॥३३६
English:- Indra, ruler of the world, whoever the mortal single or commanding a force, proud and impetuous, that faces us with the intent to destroy, pray beat them by your power in battle. May we, brave and advancing under your protection, defeat them and keep them under control.
ओ३म् यं वृत्रेषु क्षितय स्पर्धमाना यं युक्तेषु तुरयन्तो हवन्ते।
य शूरसातौ यमपामुपज्मन्यं विप्रासो वाजयन्ते स इन्द्र॥३३७
English:- Whom people invoke and call in the struggle for light and enlightenment against darkness and evil, that is Indra. Whom they call upon and press forward when the battle is raging, for victory, or when the vision is close to the mind in communion and they yarn for the union, that is Indra. Whom the sages inspire and applaud in the contests of the veterans for scientific achievement, or when the plans for action, water and energy are ripe for the green signal, that is Indra.
ओ३म् इन्द्रापर्वता बृहता रथेन वामीरिष आ वहत सुवीरा।
वीत हव्यान्यध्वरेषु देवा वर्धेथां गीर्भीरिडया मदन्ता॥३३८
English:- Indra and Parvata, sun and cloud, come on the grand chariot of light, wind and rain, bring us lovely foods and drinks of energy for the heroic people, O powers divine and generous, receive the offerings in the yajnas of love, faith and non-violence, feed on the music of the songs, and wax with the hymns of celebration. (Rigved 3-53-1)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय गिरो अनिशितसर्गा अप प्रैरयत्सगरस्य बुध्नात्।
यो अक्षेणेव चक्रियौ शचीभिर्विष्वक्तस्तम्भ पृथिवीमुत द्याम्॥३३९
English:- Sing songs of praise in honour if Indra who makes incessant streams of water flow from the oceans of space and sky, and, with his cosmic power and actions, sustains the heaven and earth in motion like wheels of a chariot held in balance by the axle. (Rigved 10-89-4)
ओ३म् आ त्वा सखायः सख्या ववृत्युस्तिर पुरू चिदर्णवां जगम्याः।
पितुर्नपातमा दधित वेधा अस्मिन्क्षये प्रतरां दीद्यानः॥३४०
English:- With love and devotion, friendly celebrants come to you, Indra, who pervade and transcend the vast spaces of existence a long long way. And I pray that shining self-refulgent in this world and knowing your parental obligation, you bless the father with a son. (Rigved10-10-1)
ओ३म् को अद्य युङ्क्ते धुरि गा ऋतस्य शिमीवतो भामिनो दुर्हृणायून्।
आसन्नेषामप्सुवाहो मयोभून्य एषां भृत्यामृणधत्स जीवात्॥३४१
English:- Who joins the bullocks to the front yoke of the chariot of Truth to-day as ever? The Lord Ruler of the universe. And he who joins the men of noble action, heroes of passion and righteousness, maintain peace and joy, may he who joins these to truth and promotes these servants of truth to prosperity live long. (Rigved 1-84-16)