Purvarcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 26

ओ३म् कश्यपस्य स्वर्विदो यावाहु सयुजाविति।
ययोर्विश्वमपि व्रतं यज्ञं धीरा निचाय्य॥३६१
English:- Veteran self-established sages who know the light of divinity and divine creation, having realized the truth in their mind and vision, say that there are two forces of Kashyapa, divine Intelligence, both simultaneous, whose sole law and purpose is to maintain the cosmic yajna of creative evolution through the operations of nature: these forces are like twins and complementary: centrifugal and centripetal versions of the divine cosmic energy.
ओ३म् अर्चत प्रार्चता नर प्रियमेधासो अर्चत।
अर्चन्तु पुत्रका उत पुरमिद्धृष्ण्वर्चत॥३६२
English:- O lovers of Yajna, lovers of union and communion with the divine, adore and worship Indra, adore and worship again, worship again and again. Worship along with your children and grand children, just as the citizens adore and exalt a great city and the glorious ruler of the celestial city. (Rigved 8-69-8)
ओ३म् उक्थमिन्द्राय शस्यं वर्धनं पुरुनि षिधे।
शक्रो यथा सुतेषु नो रारणत्सख्येषु च॥३६३
English:- Just as a man rejoices with his children and friends and bestows lots of knowledge and wealth on them, so does Shakra, omnipotent Indra, lord of wealth and knowledge, rejoice to bestow admirable mantras of elevating light of Vedic lore on the generous soul for its advancement. (Rigved 1-10-5)
ओ३म् विश्वानरस्य वस्पतिमनानतस्य शवसः।
एवैश्च चर्षणीनामूती हुवे रथानाम्॥३६४
English:- I pray to Indra, your lord and father, master controller of the irresistible powers and forces of the universe, for divine protection of the people by the dynamics of his moving powers of nature and humanity. (Rigved 8-68-4)
ओ३म् स घा यस्ते दिवो नरो धिया मर्तस्य शमतः।
ऊती स बृहतो दिवो द्विषो अहो न तरति॥३६५
English:- The mortal man at peace who with his intelligence and holy action serves, worships and offers homage to you, Indra, lord and leader of the light of heaven, he enjoys peace and prosperity under protection of the vast heaven and crosses over all hate and jealousy as well as sin and evil. (Rigved 6-2-4)
ओ३म् विभोष्ट इन्द्र राधसो विभ्वी राति शतक्रतो।
अथा नो विश्वचर्षणे द्युम्न सुदत्र महय॥३६६
English:- Indra, hero of a hundred holy actions with insight and counsel, wide and high are your powers and wealth, abundant your gifts. Ultimate watcher and observer of all that is in the world, ruler of the mighty social order, lead us on to wealth, power, honour and excellence and help us rise to the heights. (Rigved 5-38-1)
ओ३म् वयश्चित्ते पतत्रिणो द्विपाच्चतुष्पादर्जुनि।
उष प्रारन्नृतूरनु दिवो अन्तेभ्यस्परि॥३६७
English:- Blessed Dawn, fiery messenger of light and life, may humans and animals as the birds of flight, we pray, rise and reach unto the bounds of heaven in pursuance of the time and seasons of your arrival. (Rigved 1-49-3)
ओ३म् अमी ये देवा स्थन मध्य आ रोचने दिव।
कद्व ऋतं कदमृतं का प्रत्ना व आहुतिः॥३६८
English:- O lords of knowledge, who or what are those divine powers of existence abiding in the light of heaven by their name, identity and state of being in the three regions of the universe? Where is the law of cosmic dynamics of evolution? What is truth and what is untruth? What is eternal and constant? What is existential and mutable? What was the first mutation of Prakrti in the cosmic yajna? What is going to be the last and closing oblation in the cosmic vedi? (May the heaven and earth know and reveal it for us.) (Rigved 1-105-5)
ओ३म् ऋच साम यजामहे याभ्यां कर्माणि कृण्वते।
वि ते सदसि राजतो यज्ञं देवेषु वक्षतः॥३६९
English:- We use and chant Rks and Samans while we perform yajna, (Rks which give us the knowledge of the facts and processes of nature to be applied in programmes of human action, and the Samans which joyously celebrate the successful completion of the programme). By these, all works are initiated, conducted and completed. They shine, resonate, and glorify the yajna in the hall and they conduct the yajna in the divine forces of nature in the universe.