Purvarcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 29

ओ३म् गृणे तदिन्द्र ते शव उपमां देवतातये।
यद्धसि वृत्रमोजसा शचीपते॥३९१
English:- In praise of that admirable power and grandeur of yours, Indra, I sing for the pleasure of divine favour, by which, O lord of mighty noble acts, you destroy the demon of darkness and want by your force and splendour. Great and good are the gifts of Indra. (Rigved 8-62-8)
ओ३म् यस्य त्यच्छम्बरं मदे दिवोदासाय रन्धयन्।
अय स सोम इन्द्र ते सुत पिब॥३९२
English:- Indra, lord of power and glory, this is that soma distilled and seasoned for you in the exhilaration and ecstasy of which you, like the sun on high, break down the forces of darkness and evil to promote the spirit of light and generosity. Pray drink of it to your heart's content and protect and promote the spirit of it. (Rigved 6-43-1)
ओ३म् एन्द्र नो गधि प्रिय सत्राजिदगोह्य।
गिरिर्न विश्वत पृथु पतिर्दिव॥३९३
English:- Indra, come, take us over as your own. Dear and giver of fulfilment you are, all dominant by nature, character and action, inconceivably open and bright, expansive and unbounded all round like a cloud of vapour, lord and master of the light of heaven. (Rigved 8-98-4)
ओ३म् य इन्द्र सोमपातमो मद शविष्ठ चेतति।
येना हसि न्या३त्रिणं तमीमहे॥३९४
English:- Indra, lord most potent, highest protector and promoter of the beauty and joy of life, that ecstatic passion of yours which universally pervades, manifests and reveals your might and glory and by which you destroy the negative forces of life, we adore and pray for. (Rigved 8-12-1)
ओ३म् तुचे तुनाय तत्सु नो द्राधीय आयुर्जीवसे।
आदित्यासः समहसः कृणोतन॥३९५
English:- O Adityas, refulgent lords of light and mighty masters of life giving energies, for the joyous living and longevity of our children and their off-spring, create and bring the holy gift of good health and long life of peace and felicity. (Rigved 8-18-18)
ओ३म् वेत्था हि निरृतीनां वज्रहस्त परिवृजम्।
अहरहः शुन्ध्यु परिपदामिव॥३९६
English:- O lord of the thunderbolt of justice and right action, you know and wield the counter-active measures against adversities just as the sun, purifier of nature's impurities, has the capacity to counter them day by day. (Rigved 8-24-24)
ओ३म् अपामीवामप स्त्रिधमप सेधत दुर्मतिम्।
आदित्यासो युयोतना नो अहसः॥३९७
English:- May the Adityas, powers of light and life in nature and humanity, drive away all disease of body and mind and keep off negativities of thought and intelligence from us. May the children of imperishable divinity keep us safe, far away from the onslaughts of sin and adversity. (Rigved 8-18-10)
ओ३म् पिबा सोममिन्द्र मन्दतु त्वा यं ते सुषाव हर्यश्वाद्रि।
सोतुर्बाहुभ्या सुयतो नार्वा॥३९८
English:- Indra, lord ruler and controller of the dynamic forces of the world, drink this soma of ecstasy which, I am sure, would exhilarate you. The cloud, generative power of nature, has distilled it and showered on you. And just as a horse well controlled by the hands and reins of the driver moves to the right destination, so is this soma generated by the hands of the creator meant to exhort you to take the dominion to its destination. (Rigved 7-22-1)