Purvarcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 33

ओ३म् परि प्र धन्वेन्द्राय सोम स्वादुर्मित्राय पूष्णे भगाय॥४२७
English:- O Soma, come and inspire as the most delicious psychic and spiritual experience for the soul and the nation, for friends, for the sustaining guardians and for the spirit of honour and glory of humanity. (Rigved 9-109-1)
ओ३म् पर्यू षु प्र धन्व वाजसातये परि वृत्राणि सक्षणि।
द्विषस्तरध्या ऋणया न ईरसे॥४२८
English:- O Soma, vibrant Spirit of life, victor over evils and darkness, move on with us, inspiring and energising us for the achievement of food, energy and enlightenment, for elimination of malignity, negativities and contra-dictions, with the obligation that we pay the debts and never overdraw on our karmic account. (Rigved 9-110-1)
ओ३म् पवस्व सोम महान्त्समुद्र पिता देवानां विश्वाभि धाम॥४२९
English:- Flow forth and consecrate, O Soma presence of divinity, as great ocean of life, father, generator and sustainer of divinities and ultimate haven and home of all the worlds of existence. (Rigved 9-109-4)
ओ३म् पवस्व सोम महे दक्षायाश्वो न निक्तो वाजी धनाय॥४३०
English:- O Soma, as victor of life and divine glory, flow, radiate and inspire us like energy itself controlled and consecrated for great creative and productive holy work, expert technique and the production and achievement of wealth. (Rigved 9-109-10)
ओ३म् इन्दु पविष्ट चारुर्मदायापामुपस्थे कविर्भगाय॥४३१
English:- Indu, Soma spirit of refulgent divinity, blissful and poetically creative is the omniscient highest purifying and saving spirit and power for the sake of honour and joy on the basis of one's own Karmic performance. (Rigved 9-109-13)
ओ३म् अनु हि त्वा सुत सोम मदामसि महे समर्यराज्ये।
वाजा अभि पवमान प्र गाहसे॥४३२
English:- While you are with us at heart, O Soma, spirit of constant peaceful life, we rejoice with you in the great common-wealth order of governance where, dynamic, pure and purifying, you ever advance to victories in honour, excellence and glory. (Rigved 9-110-2)
ओ३म् क ईं व्यक्ता नर सनीडा रुद्रस्य मर्या अथा स्वश्वा॥४३३
English:- What for sure are these individual, specified, kindred, mortal and human life forces of Rudra, cosmic vitality, the soul, the commander, the destroyer of suffering, forces which, for advancemant, ride noble steeds like currents of wind? (Rigved 7-56-1)
ओ३म् अग्ने तमद्याश्वं न स्तोमै क्रतुं न भद्र हृदिस्पृशम्।
ऋध्यामा त ओहै॥४३४
English:- Agni, mighty power of light and motion, with songs of praise and prayer and with holy acts of service offered in homage to you today, we augment, celebrate and glorify you, fast as nature's waves of energy, bright as intelligence and blissful as yajna, and dear as love closest to the heart. (Rigved 4-10-1)
ओ३म् आविर्मर्या आ वाजं वाजिनो अग्मं देवस्य सवितु सवम्।
स्वर्गा अर्वन्तो जयत॥४३५
English:- Dynamic mortals keen to strive and win plunge into the creative yajna of self-refulgent Savita, lord of light and life's inspiration, manifest their power to the last drop of their energy and, relentlessly pressing forward, win the goal of divine felicity.
ओ३म् पवस्व सोम द्युम्नी सुधारो महा अवीनामनुपूर्व्य॥४३६
English:- O Soma, you are the glory and the grandeur, holy stream and shower, the first and eternal of the greatest of the great, pray flow forth in presence, radiate and purify as ever before. (Rigved 9-109-7)