Purvarcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 34

ओ३म् विश्वतोदावन्विश्वतो न आ भर यं त्वा शविष्ठमीमहे॥४३७
English:- Infinite giver from all sides, shower us with divine blessings from the universe to our complete fulfillment. O lord most potent and beneficent, we pray for your favour and grace.
ओ३म् एष ब्रह्मा य ऋत्विय इन्द्रो नाम श्रुतो गृणे॥४३८
English:- This Lord Infinite and Absolute, adored every season, beneficent all seasons, Indra, most potent, I hear by name, I adore, I worship.
ओ३म् ब्रह्माण इन्द्रं महयन्तो अर्कैरवर्धयन्नहये हन्तवा उ॥४३९
English:- Scholars of the Veda celebrate Indra, his power and glory with hymns of adoration and exalt him to break the demonic cloud of darkness and want for showers of rain and prosperity. (Rigved 5-31-4)
ओ३म् अनवस्ते रथमश्वाय तक्षुस्त्वष्टा वज्रं पुरुहूत द्युमन्तम्॥४४०
English:- Indra, lord of protection, giver of joy invoked and worshipped by all, wise men create modes of divine knowledge and pious action for the attainment of your presence and glory, and Tvashta, maker and destroyer of suffering, makes and provides the blazing thunderbolt to dispel the darkness of evil and suffering.(Rigved5-31-4)
ओ३म् शं पदं मघ रयीषिणो न काममव्रतो हिनोति न स्पृशद्रयिम्॥४४१
English:- Peace, honour, prosperity is only for the man of charity, benevolence and self sacrifice. The man void of the discipline of liberality does not stir the process of love and charity, not even the circulation of wealth. Wealth and prosperity he does not even touch.
ओ३म् सदा गाव शुचयो विश्वधायस सदा देवा अरेपसह॥४४२
English:- Cows are always pure and sinless, they give. The generous are always pure, free from sin, they feed, support and sustain the world.
ओ३म् आ याहि वनसा सह गाव सचन्त वर्तनिं यदूधभिः॥४४३
English:- Come, O Dawn, with holy light, with rays of blissful radiance on the chariot. The cows are on the move with the wealth of milk. (Rigved 10-172-1)
ओ३म् उप प्रक्षे मधुमति क्षियन्त पुष्येम रयिं धीमहे त इन्द्र॥४४४
English:- Indra, omnipotent lord, living close to you in the honey sweet abode of your realm, may we augment our wealth and excellence and meditate on your divine presence.
ओ३म् अर्चन्त्यर्कं मरुत स्वर्का आ स्तोभति श्रुतो युवा स इन्द्र॥४४५
English:- Maruts, heroic devotees, chant devotional hymns and present the homage of worship and service to Indra who, youthful and renowned, sustains the world and responds to their devotion with joyous favour and spiritual elevation.
ओ३म् प्र व इन्द्राय वृत्रहन्तमाय विप्राय गाथं गायत यं जुजोषते॥४४६
English:- To Indra, omniscient lord almighty, highest destroyer of evil, sin and darkness, sing and offer your songs of adoration which he loves, enjoys and happily accepts.