Purvarcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 36

ओ३म् त्रिकद्रुकेषु महिषो यवाशिरं तुविशुष्मस्तृम्पत्सोममपिबद्विष्णुना सुतं यथावशम्।
स ईं ममाद महि कर्म कर्त्तवे महामुरु सैन सश्चद्देवो देव सत्य इन्दु सत्यमिन्द्रम्॥४५७
English:- The great and powerful sun drinks up the soma, essence of vital juices reinforced with herbal elixir, matured in three containers, i.e., the earth, the sky and the heaven of light, and distilled by light and wind while it shines and energises the essences. He who delights in energising this sun, greatest of the great in nature, to do great things, who blesses and continues to bless this blazing power of light is the eternal, ever true, self-refulgent Lord Supreme, blissful as the moon. And he who would love to do great things vast and worthy of the great, he, true and bright as the moon, should serve and meditate on this lord of unbounded light and energy. (Rigved 2-22-1)
ओ३म् अय सहस्रमानवो दृश कवीनां मतिर्ज्योतिर्विधर्म।
ब्रध्न समीचीरुषस समैरयदरेपस सोचेतसः स्वसरे मन्युमन्तश्चिता गोः॥४५८
English:- This mighty sun, benefactor of vast humanity, glorious, inspiration of poets, light of the world, law bound, radiates the flood of light in unison with dawn, and on the rise of the day, pure, immaculate, enlighted, perceptive people, cows and planets rise to the fresh light of a new day.
ओ३म् एन्द्र याह्युप नः परावतो नायमच्छा विदथानीव सत्पतिरस्ता राजेव सत्पतिः।
हवामहे त्वा प्रयस्वन्तः सुतेष्वा पुत्रासो न पितरं वाजसातये महिष्ठं वाजसातये॥४५९
English:- Indra, lord of wealth and power, ruler of the world, come graciously from afar to us like this Agni who comes to the yajnic battles of life. Protector and promoter of truth and rectitude, friend and protector of the truthful and righteous, come to our home like the ruler. Joining you faithfully in this yajna of life, dedicated to holy action and endeavour, we invoke and invite you to join us. As children call upon the father to help them to food, sustenance and protection in their course of life and growth, so do we call upon you for safety and protection, great lord of power and prosperity, for victory in our battle of life. (Rigved 1-130-1)
ओ३म् तमिन्द्रं जोहवीमि मघवानमुग्र सत्रा दधानमप्रतिष्कुत श्रवासि भूरि।
महिष्ठो गीर्भिरा च यज्ञियो ववर्त्त राये नो विश्वा सुपथा कृणोतु वज्री॥४६०
English:- That Indra, ruler of the world, I invoke and address, illustrious, pious and true, wielder of unopposed powers, and I pray may the most generous and adorable lord of thunderous power, in response to our voice, turn to us constantly and clear our paths of advancement for the achievement of wealth, power, honour and excellence of the world. (Rigved 8-97-13)
ओ३म् अस्तु श्रौषट्पुरो अग्निं धिया दध आ नु त्यच्छर्धो दिव्यं वृणीमह इन्द्रवायू वृणीमहे।
यद्ध क्राणा विवस्वते नाभा सन्दाय नव्यसे।
अध प्र नूनमुप यन्ति धीतयो देवाअच्छा न धीतय॥४६१
English:- May my voice be heard! I have realised the energy and power of Agni, light and fire, in full with my intellect and understanding. Then we opt for the divine force and power of nature and move on to the study and application of the power of wind and electricity which, active at the centre of the sun, give us the newest and latest form of energy and power. May all our intellectual efforts and intelligential vision reach the forces of nature and analyse and discover their energy and powers. Let us reach there well with all our intellect and imagination and let our efforts benefit the noblest humanity. (Rigved 1-139-1)
ओ३म् प्र वो महे मतयो यन्तु विष्णवे मरुत्वते गिरिजा एवयामरुत्।
प्र शर्धाय प्र यज्यवे सुखादये तवसे भन्ददिष्टये धुनिव्रताय शवसे॥४६२
English:- O vibrant man of vision, all ye men and women, let all your songs and flights of thought and vision born of the voice of the heart reach Vishnu, all pervasive lord, commander of the winds and warriors, indomitable, highly majestic, adorable and cooperative, blissfully appreciative, relentlessly active and absolute in justice and power. (Rigved 5-87-1)
ओ३म् अया रुचा हरिण्या पुनानो विश्वा द्वेषासि तरति सयुग्वभि सूरो न सयुग्वभिः।
धारा पृष्ठस्य रोचते पुनानो अरुषो हरि।
विश्वा यद्रूपा परियास्यृक्वभिः सप्तास्येभिरृक्वभिः॥४६३
English:- This Soma spirit of the fighting force of divinity, protecting and purifying by its own victorious lustre of innate powers, overcomes all forces of jealousy and enmity as the sun dispels all darkness with its own rays of light. The stream of its radiance, realised and purifying, shines beautiful and blissful. The lustrous saviour spirit which pervades all existent forms of the world, goes forward pure and purifying with seven notes of its exalting voice and seven rays of light and seven pranic energies expressive of its mighty force. (Rigved 9-111-1)
ओ३म् अभि त्यं देव सवितारमोण्यो कविक्रतुमर्चामि सत्यसव रत्नधामभि प्रियं मतिम् ऊर्ध्वा यस्यामतिर्भा अदिद्युतत्सवीमनि हिरण्यपाणिरमिमीत सुक्रतु कृपा स्व॥४६४
English:- I adore this self-refulgent Savita, life and light of existence, creator of heaven and earth, poetic high priest of creation yajna, generator and upholder of truth and law, treasure-hold of life's jewels, universally loved and all-intelligent. Up on his manifest will, inert Prakrti rises and shines into the state of creation. This Savita of golden hands of glory, this holy actor, by his gracious will creates the lights of heaven and bliss.
ओ३म् अग्नि होतारं मन्ये दास्वन्तं वसो सूनु सहसो जातवेदसं विप्रं न जातवेदसम्।
य ऊर्ध्वया स्वध्वरो देवो देवाच्या कृपा।
घृतस्य विभ्राष्टिमनु शुक्रशोचिष आजुह्वानस्य सर्पिष॥४६५
English:- I worship, serve and meditate on Agni, lord of light and knowledge, spirit of life and heat and inspiration of noble action, yajaka, generous giver, treasure of wealth and universal shelter, inspirer and creator of courage and courageous action like the sun, omniscient lord of all that is born in existence, master of knowledge as the supreme scholar of the Veda, organiser of yajna with love and non-violence with divine knowledge and awareness, refulgent with heavenly light and power, loving and consuming with flames of fire, and, light the blaze of the purest and most powerful ghrta offered into the fire of yajna, physical, mental and spiritual all.' (Rigved1-127-1)
ओ३म् तव त्यन्नर्यं नृतोऽप इन्द्र प्रथमं पूर्व्यं दिवि प्रवाच्यं कृतम्।
यो देवस्य शवसा प्रारिणा असु रिणन्नप।
भुवो विश्वमभ्यदेवमोजसा विदेदूर्ज शतक्रतुर्विदेदिषम्॥४६६
English:- Indra, lord of light, life and generosity, director of the cosmic dance of creation, that original, ancient act of yours admirable in the light and language of heaven performed for the sake of humanity which, by the omnipotence of Divinity, moves the pranic energies and causes the waters of life to flow may, we pray, with the power and splendour of Divinity, inspire the entire world of matter and energy, conquer impiety and bring us, O lord of a hundred yajnic gifts and actions, food and energy for body, mind and soul. (Rigved 2-22-4)