Purvarcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 2

ओ३म् प्र सोमासो मदच्युत श्रवसे नो मघोन।
सुता विदथे अक्रमुः॥४७७
English:- May the streams of soma, nectar sweet and exhilarating, distilled and sanctified in yajna, flow for the safety, security and fame of our leading lights of honour, power and excellence. (Rigved 9-32-1)
ओ३म् प्र सोमासो विपश्चितोऽपो नयन्त ऊर्मय।
वनानि महिषा इव॥४७८
English:- Just as waves of water rise to the moon and great men strive for things of beauty and goodness, so do inspired learned sages, lovers of dynamic peace and goodness, move forward to realise the supreme power and Spirit of the Vedic hymns. (Rigved 9-33-1)
ओ३म् पवस्वेन्दो वृषा सुत कृधी नो यशसो जने।
विश्वा अप द्विषो जहि॥४७९
English:- Soma, lord of purity and generosity, light and splendour, served and realised through yajnic life, protect and purify us, help us join the community of honour and excellence, ward off and eliminate all malignity, jealousy and enmity from our life. (Rigved 9-61-28)
ओ३म् वृषा ह्यसि भानुना द्युमन्तं त्वा हवामहे।
पवमान स्वर्दृशम्॥४८०
English:- O lord of purity, purifier and sanctifier of heart and soul, you are supremely generous and refulgent by your own light and glory. We, celebrants by our holiest thoughts and words, invoke and adore you for the light and wisdom of your divine glory and generosity. (Rigved 9-65-4)
ओ३म् इन्दु पविष्ट चेतनः प्रिय कवीनां मति।
सृजदश्व रथीरिव॥४८१
English:- Soma, lord of bliss, is self-refulgent and holy, purest and most purifying, omniscient, dearest love of the poets and celebrants, and wisest of the wise. Creating the dynamic world of matter, energy and mind, he abides like the master of the universal chariot. (Rigved 9-64-10)
ओ३म् असृक्षत प्र वाजिनो गव्या सोमासो अश्वया।
शुक्रासो वीरयाशव॥४८२
English:- Vibrant heroes blest with the soma spirit of peace, progress and brilliance, pure and potent, inspired with ambition for lands, cows and culture, horses, advancement and achievement, and advancement of the brave generations of humanity move forward with the spirit of generous creativity. (Rigved 9-64-4)
ओ३म् पवस्व देव आयुषगिन्द्रं गच्छतु ते मद।
वायुमा रोह धर्मणा॥४८३
English:- O Soma, self-refulgent and self-joyous lord of peace and bliss, let your presence vibrate and purify us. Let your ecstatic bliss reach Indra, the ruler, for the glory of mankind. May you with your divine power and presence emerge and rise in the heart of vibrant devotees. (Rigved 9-63-22)
ओ३म् पवमानो अजीजनद्दिवश्चित्रं न तन्यतुम्।
ज्योतिर्वैश्वानरं बृहत्॥४८४
English:- Let Soma, progressive, active and zealous power dedicated to humanity and divinity, create the light and culture of universal expansive order from the light of heaven, sublime, awful and beautiful as the light and resounding roar of thunder and lightning. (Rigved 9-61-16)
ओ३म् परि स्वानास इन्दवो मदाय बर्हणा गिरा।
मधो अर्षन्ति धारया॥४८५
English:- Honey streams of soma distilled and consecrated by the hallowed voice of the Veda flow round for the joy of mankind. (Rigved 9-10-4)
ओ३म् परि प्रासिष्यदत्कवि सिन्धोरूर्मावधि श्रित।
कारुं बिभ्रत्पुरुस्पृहम्॥४८६
English:- Pervading and reposing in transcendence over the dynamics of this expansive ocean of the universe, bearing and sustaining this poetic creation, the omniscient poet creator, Soma, lord of peace, joy and bliss, rolls and rules the world with pleasure and grace. (Rigved 9-14-1)